Thursday, August 06, 2009

You got some explaining to do?

As you all know, I'm not a big baseball fan, but I do find myself watching my fair share of Baseball Tonight shows on ESPN along with other baseball highlights. With that said, I saw Prince Fielder try to get into the Dodgers locker room after their game the other night. He was pissed that his former teammate, Guillermo Mota had hit him with a pitch in the 9th inning of the game. This got me thinking about something:

1) Why is it 'allowed' in baseball for someone to brush back a hitter or intentionally throw at someone?

I've never understood this. Is there some unwritten rule that it's ok to throw at someones head? Or plunk them in the ribs? In my mind, if the pitcher is 'allowed' to do this, then the batter should be allowed to bring the bat to the rubber for some redemption. You see it way too often, a hitter hits a home run (or two) and then his next at bat, he's beaned and it's considered part of the game. If you can't keep a hitter in the ball park, you shouldn't be on the mound. Hitting someone in the ribs, back, thigh, or head with a baseball being thrown at 70 mph - 90 mph is just flat out dangerous. Maybe that's why I never played baseball too long. I'd be trying to swing on a pitcher with my bat in hand. Just once I'd like to see the umpires let a hitter get to the mound with bat. All of this high inside pitching will go to the birds.

Is it just me or is this something that should be addressed? Why is it a big deal by MLB to investigate Fielder's actions? He was hit and he was pissed and there had to be some personal animosity between him and Mota.

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