Monday, August 03, 2009

Fantasy Football 2009

Well, the season will be starting soon and lucky for me, I finally got the #1 pick in our draft. We don't have a keeper league, so it's open to pick anyone and I don't have to worry about anyone being off the board. Of course I've already started doing my homework and really the first pick is kind of easy, Adrian Peterson will be on the Cold Ones this year.

But after that first pick, what do you do? I'm looking for advice. Do you go RB, QB or do you go WR, WR? I haven't won our league in a few years and need to get back on top.

So, for all of you Fantasy Football guys and gals out there, help me out with some strategy!!!!

Would you pick AD (All Day - Adrian Peterson) with the #1 pick or would you go with someone else. Give me some ideas. And trust me, I have the right to call you crazy and not follow your advice.

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