Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What is a Manning worth?

Well, hopefully you have all seen the news, the Giants lost their freakin minds and signed Eli Manning to a six year $97.5M deal. I was waiting to see if this was in fact a hoax or just a mistake by the Giants (you know, a 9 here maybe should have been a 6 or something). I normally am all for people getting paid, but this (the little Manning) chump has to be the luckiest guy in the league. I mean he just won the lottery each year for the next 6 years. Let's go ahead and say this, Eli is good, not great, but not terrible. This isn't the type of money that you give an average quarterback (he has a career passer rating of 76.1). Had this deal been for Peyton Manning, I could have understood, although the years would have bothered me.

If the Giants were just dead set on making this deal, why not wait till after this season and they could have gotten him re-upped for the equivalent of a 20 piece meal and not the whole strip mall. Eli will be without his top two receivers, Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress. They will be a team that will run the ball a lot more they won't put up big numbers. Somewhere Trent Dilfer is starting to practice again in hopes of getting back in the league. The Giants will hate this deal in about 2 years, if not sooner.

Am I too rough on Eli? I've never liked him and if he weren't Peyton's younger sibling or Archie's son, he wouldn't garner the attention he gets. He's average, nothing more nothing less.

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