Saturday, October 01, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 4 Picks

Ok, late again and I have little people all around me wanting to help me do my work on the computer.  Gotta love kids.  So, this is the Week 4 kids edition of my picks. 

Detroit @ Dallas - Great game, Romo showed heart, Bryant will probably play, Stafford is coming back 'home' and I imagine both defenses will have a chip on their shoulders.  I'm not sure Romo makes it out of this one because that Lions defensive line is dangerous.  Winner - Lions.

Carolina @ Chicago - Very interesting game.  The Bears have got to show up and have a good game or they go 1-3 which will make all the chatter about them increase.  The Panthers are dependent upon Cam Newton having great games but they will need their two headed running back system to work better.  The Panthers are short a few people on defense, so I imagine that this will be a shootout of shorts but I'm not sure the Panthers have enough.  It'll be Cam and Steve Smith against the Bears.  Winner - Bears.

Buffalo @ Cincinatti - I'm on the Bills bandwagon, sorry.  The Bills should make short work of the Bengals, but this could be a trap game for them.  You know, that team you should beat the pants off of, but you don't prepare and fall into the trap.  Winner - Bills.

Tennessee @ Cleveland - Should be a good game.  The Titans are short on offense and the Browns should control tempo and run the ball a lot.  Winner - Browns.

Minnesota @ Kansas City - The Chiefs gave the Chargers a scare last week, but if the Vikings lose this game, they should just close up shop and call it a season.  McNabb, I need you to win this game.  Next time you guys have a 4th and 1 and you go for it and don't give AP the ball, every offensive coach should be fired.  Winner - Vikings.

Washington @ St. Louis - This is the game the Rams need to change their season.  The Redskins are going to be very aggressive on defense and that can backfire on them as we saw last weekend.  Jackson is still nicked up and I'm not sure that the Rams can have a balanced attack without him.  Winner - Redskins

New Orleans @ Jacksonville - This one is easy, Winner - Saints

Pittsburgh @ Houston - Well, just what the Steelers needed, a chance to face a team that is pretty balanced.  The Texans have something to prove and the Steelers may be vulnerable to speedy backs matched up against their LBs.  On the other side of the ball the Steelers offensive line woes should have Mario Williams and crew licking their chops.  Winner - Texans.

San Francisco @ Philadelphia - Is this the game that the Eagles get back on track?  It better be.  Winner - Eagles

New York Giants @ Arizona - The Cardinals have dissapointed so far.  They should be getting back Beanie Wells for this game so hopefully they'll be able to run the ball.  The question is really going to be on defense and whether they can stop (gulp) Eli Manning and crew.  Great play calling last week and I imagine that they'll keep it up this week.  Winner - Giants

Atlanta @ Seattle - Tavaris Jackson, nuff said.  Winner - Falcons

Miami @ San Diego - Unless Dan Marino is coming out of that Dolphins lockerroom and this is say 1988 or so, this is the beginning of the end for Tony Sparano.  Winner - Chargers.

New England @ Oakland - Probably the best game of the day.  The Patriots are a pass heavy team facing a team with a pretty good front four.  The Raiders may be best suited with running the ball and keeping Brady in a baseball cap waiting on the sidelines.  This one will be interesting because this is a statement game for the Raiders.  Can they pull it off?  Winner - Raiders

Denver @ Green Bay - The Champs march on.  Winner - Packers

New York Jets @ Baltimore - A knock out drag'em game.  I will go out on a limb and say this is Flacco's game to win and prove that he still is one of the better QBs in the league.  They've opened up the offense for him and he has some threats, so this is all on him.  Expect a big game from Ray Rice (hope you caught the humor in that one).  Winner - Ravens.

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay - The Curtis Painter era starts in Indy and I actually think that he'll be better than most people think.  In limited work last week he could run the offense, but you could tell that he didn't have the practice time and his timing was off.  This week, I think he plays better and this team shows up on Monday nights.  The Bucs can run the ball and this is their first Monday night game in how long?  Are they ready?  Winner - Colts.

Who you got?  Let's see if we can ride last weeks' results for the rest of the season. 

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