Friday, October 14, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 6 Picks

Ok, maybe I'll have some time today to get these in.  The kids need to sleep too, right?!?!?

San Francisco @ Detroit - It's gotta end at sometime, right?  The Lions just can't go all crazy on folks like their 'hopped up on Mountain Dew' (if you don't understand the movie, let me know and I'll explain).  The 49ers come in after throttling the Bucs by 45 (did I write that?).  Someone has some letdown somewhere.  Winner - Lions

St. Louis @ Green Bay - Not sure what to say about this one.  This is David versus Goliath without David having God on his side.  The Packers are a disciplined team and I expect that they'll make the most of welcoming the Rams to Lambeau.  Winner - Packers

Carolina @ Atlanta - This is going to be a good game.  The Panthers are hurting on defense, and the Falcons are hurting on offense.  Two QBs that know each other personally and I imagine that they will both put up good numbers this weekend.  Cam, I'm all in with you.  Let's see if you can get a 'W' in the ATL.  Winner - Panthers

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati - I've given this Colts team the benefit of the doubt but the way they are playing they are trying to get some Luck.  Then the word on the street is that they are willing to ship Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne out of town, things ain't looking good for wins this year.  This is their chance to get a 'W' and try and do something different.  Winner - Colts.  

Buffalo @ New York Giants - This ought to be good.  The fight for New York is finally a fair fight.  The Bills defense is becoming a turn over machine and the offense is starting to learn how to beat teams.  The Giants let me down last week and Eli, well,..he's Eli.  Winner - Buffalo.

Jacksonville @ Pittsburgh - Another game for the Steelers to heal themselves and get ready for the Ravens.  Winner - Steelers

Philadelphia @ Washington - Can I say that I want the Eagles to win this game just so they are on track for the rest of the year?  They are going to face a stiff Redskins defense that has a chip on their shoulder from the butt whoopin they received from Mr. Vick last year at Redskins Park.  The Eagles just have to make some minor changes to get a 'W'.  Do it this weekend, PLEASE.  Winner - Eagles.  

Houston @ Baltimore - Yes, Derrick Mason will play his old team twice this year and I'm not sure if it's going to help.  The Baltimore D is good against the run and without Mr. Johnson the Texans passing game isn't going to scare too many people.  Winner - Ravens

Cleveland @ Oakland - Looking for another big game from the Raiders.  They had an emotional win last week and don't have to travel this week.  Think more of the same.  Hillis could spoil this pick for me, but I think he's concerned with getting his money.  Winner - Raiders

Dallas @ New England - I would say that this should be a good game, but I'm just not sure.  Yes, the Cowboys will have their defense working, but I imagine that the offense will struggle with injuries and whether they have the 'Good' or 'Bad' Romo showing up.  Winner - Patriots

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay - Hmmm,.....two good teams, one got trounced last week and one has the better QB.  The Bucs are going to have to run the ball to keep Brees on the sideline and if they don't, the scoreboard might have to get cut off.  Winner - Saints

Minnesota @ Chicago - The Bears defense has got to play better in this game as we all watched last week when the Lions just marched up and down the field on them.  The offense has to do better too and protect Cutler and make some holes for Forte.  Even with AP expected to get a boatload of carries, the Bears sneak this one out.  Winner - Bears

Miami @ New York Jets - Rex Ryan has taken a lot of criticism this week and he's still on the 'Jets to the Superbowl' thing so I imagine that they'll be blitzing the Dolphins once they get off the bus.  This should be a game that will help the Jets lick their wounds.  Don't mess this up.  Winner - Jets

Who you got?!?!?!

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