Friday, October 21, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 7 Picks

Let's get this thing moving again.  Lots of good games and even one across the pond in London.  Want a good week this week so cross everything and let's get started. 

San Diego @ New York Jets - Well, Rex Ryan said he would have won about two rings with those stacked Chargers teams and I actually think he is right.  Norv is a great offensive coordinator (Dallas) but you can't sell me that he's that good of a head coach (Washington, San Diego).  But as usual, the players will decide this game on the field and both teams need this game, but the Jets need this more than anyone.  Their offense is sputtering and their defense needs to make a few more plays which will be harder with Philip Rivers bearing down on them.  This will be LT's first game against the Chargers as a Jet, so that will be interesting also.  Should be a good game, should be high scoring,....Winner - Chargers.   

Chicago @ Tampa Bay - Another good one and this one is in London.  I understand the need to expand the NFL around the world, but this is tough travel for each team.  If we can get Cutler to not cuss out his OC and find a way for the Bears to protect him, not with 8 man protection schemes but with shorter drops, the Bears should be pretty good.  For some reason teams have been kicking to Hester and I still don't understand that, but I'm sure the ol'blokes in London would love to see a return for a touchdown, so Tampa probably will be mandated to kick to him at least 3 times.  The Bucs are going to play the Bears tough.  Blount is not going to play, so the workload will be given to Earnest Graham.  This is the week prior to the Bears bye week and with a win, they would have the same record as last year before the bye.  Not sure what that means, but that will give the Bears fans false hope.  Winner - Bears.

Washington @ Carolina - The Showdown between Rex Grossman and Cam Newton, just what we were looking for.  (What?)  You mean that Sexy Rexy has been benched and Beck is going to start for the Redskins?  @MikeCrowder, I know you're somewhere crying in your beer over that, but this is where Rex is best suited, on the bench.  The Redskins defense can bring it and they'll have their hands full dealing with Newton and Steve Smith, but it'll come down to whether Beck can get that Redskins offense moving.  This will be a better game than most think.  I still think the young guy has some more 'amazing' in his tank.  Winner - Panthers

Atlanta @ Detroit - Both teams are on a mission here.  The Lions are trying to right the ship after their first loss and the Falcons are trying to right their ship after a slow start to the season.  The teams are going to be playing in the dome in Detroit and each has some minor problems.  Jahvid Best is being told that he should sit out the rest of the season because of the fact that he's already had 2 concussion this year and then a trade for Ronnie Brown was nixed because Jerome Harrison has a brain tumor.  (Side note: Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jerome and his family.  Always look at the good in this, because without this failed trade, it's possible that the brain tumor would have never been found until something bad happened.)  Without a ground game the Lions are in trouble because they can't afford to have Stafford dropping back 40 or 50 times.  Winner - Lions.

Seattle @ Cleveland - Can we just pay Hillis already so he'll play?  I mean this circus has got to stop.  And yes, I believe that he's mailing it in until he gets his check (part of me doesn't fault him for that).  Two bad teams and someone has to win, right?  We should see more of Mr. Cribbs, but is that enough to push this game in favor of the Browns?  Winner - Seahawks.

Denver @ Miami - I betcha Brandon Marshall doesn't drop a ball in this game.  His old team comes to town and they are starting Mr. Tebow.  Not only will Tebow's Florida team be honored during this game, but he gets his first start that could be the beginning (or end) of the Tebow Era in Denver.  The Dolphins looked terrible on Monday night and there's nothing that has me thinking that they'll be much better this Sunday.  I guess I gotta go with Tebow mania this week.  (Side note: I'm hoping that Tebow gets a good opportunity to make things happen for himself in Denver.  He may not be your prototypical QB, but he does the one thing that QBs are measured on and that's win).  Winner - Broncos.

Houston @ Tennessee - The Titans are quietly 4-2 and no one seems to care.  The Texans are still reeling from losing Andre Johnson, although there's an outside chance of him playing in this game (he was limited this week in practice).  This is supposed to be 'THE YEAR' for the Texans with the team they have and the little fact that #18 in Indy is hurt, but they haven't seized the day, yet.  They have to start here and make sure that they win this game so that they can start making some deep plans about being in the playoffs.  Winner - Titans.

Kansas City @ Oakland - Yes, Al Davis would love that they got Carson Palmer and he'd love the fact that he has a chance to beat the Chiefs all in the same week.  Palmer starting says a lot about Kyle Boller.  The fact that they didn't even give Palmer a week to acclimate is (I can't even think of the word).  So, the Raiders get an upgrade from Jason Campbell (Side note: Someone give Jason Campbell a real shot next year.  I mean the kid has had more OCs than Kim Kardashian has had boyfriends, and he has talent, but he hasn't been given a fair shot.  He was actually playing pretty well in Oakland.) and that upgrade has to realize that the best pass he can throw is a hand off to Darren McFadden.  This Chiefs team is struggling so I expect that the Raiders jump on them early.  Winner - Raiders.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona - Well supposedly the Cardinals have figured out why their passing game has sucked this year (they do know Kevin Kolb is their QB, right?) and they expect to roll this out against the Steelers and their limited defensive backfield.  The Cardinals are going to need a big game from Beanie Wells and the aforementioned Kolb to pull this one off.  Winner - Steelers

Green Bay @ Minnesota - For those of you that have played spades in the past, you can throw in your hand when you don't have any spades and that's kind of like what the Vikings are faced with.  They have on spade and it's a 3, but that's it.  Not suits, nothing higher than a 7.  I'm pretty sure if they call the league, the NFL will spare them this butt whuppin and just assign a score of maybe 31 to 10 as the final and no one has to even chance getting hurt this weekend.  Christian Ponder, welcome to the NFL and your gift today is the Packers defense.  Be well.  Winner - Packers.

St. Louis @ Dallas - Hmmm,...the bad team versus the not so good team, and I'll let you pick which one works for which team.  The Cowboys need this win so that people can stop talking about their coach or their starting QB.  Just a note to Mr. Romo, when you get to the line and see that Dez Bryant is locked up 1-on-1 with any of the Rams DBs, please audible and go to Dez.  Just thought I'd try and help out a little.  It'll make you look real good.  Winner - Cowboys.

Indianapolis @ New Orleans - What's the over-under on cutaways to Peyton Manning (and or Archie Manning) in this game?  I say the under is 6.  Yes, the Colts go to the Big Easy but it definitely won't be easy for them to get a win.  Their defense has been toasted by just about everyone they've played and the offense just isn't clicking yet (it would have been had they let Painter start the beginning of the season, just my two cents.).  The Saints need to get back on the winning track after losing a close one to the Bucs last week.  Brees remember, those 3 picks lost you the game last week, let's try and throw it to our guys this week.  Winner - Saints

Baltimore @ Jacksonville - Hello Ravens defense, goodbye Jacksonville.  Winner - Ravens.

(Side note: ATTN: Bears Management - Please watch what the Bills did during their bye-week by signing their top performer, Ryan Fitzpatrick, to an expected $10M a year deal.  See, people perform and you pay them and everybody's happy.  Please pay Forte NOW!!!!  He's not tanking like Hillis and he's the cog in your offense that you can't do without.  #IMJUSTSAYIN).

Who you got?!?!?!?

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