Sunday, October 30, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 8 Picks

Ok, a big Week 8 on tap and we'll see if we can do a better job than flipping a coin. 

Arizona @ Baltimore - I have to think that the Ravens are going to be on a mission to erase that performance that we saw last Monday night.  They are playing at home and maybe Halloween will be time for their offense to treat instead of trick.  Arizona is in the process of getting their offense on tracka nd this isn't the defense that I'd like to go against in order to make this happen.  There is some hope because the Ravens defense will have a few injuries that may play a role in this game and their biggest one being Ed Reed.  Winner - Ravens.

Minnesota @ Carolina - This ought to be a good one, with two rookie QBs (Ponder and Newton) and two struggling defenses.  I am surprised that McNabb still feels like he's better suited to win games for this Vikings team, well moreso that he said it publically.  I think that switched to Ponder one game too early but it proved to maybe not be such a bad decision with Ponder's performance against the Packers.  I could see it going both ways.  Winner - Carolina.

Jacksonville @ Houston - The Texans showed up last week and put up a lot of points with Arian Foster literally running wild.  Jacksonville surprised the world with their win over the Ravens last Monday night in possibly one of the ugliest games I've seen in awhile and at the same time they may have saved their head coaches job.  Houston has to win this game because this is their year, so we'll see if they can put two back to back good games.  Winner - Texans

Miami @ New York Giants - This starts the Sparano Death March.  It's snowing in New York, the Dolphins are struggling (to say the least).  A lot of news has been made about Sparano putting his house up for sale, but it's really about whether this team could score 21 points on the practice field.  Winner - Giants.

New Orleans @ St. Louis - I don't think they'll get to 62 this week, but I expect a big win from the Saints.  Winner - Saints

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - I have been waiting for Painter to have a break out game and he's been close, so the question is will it be today?  The Titans are struggling to get their running game on track and something tells me that this may be the week that happens.  Hasselbeck can manage this team and help them get a win, but if they don't score, I think that gives the Colts a chance to stay around and possibly sneak at win at the end.  Winner - Titans

Detroit @ Denver - This seasons' darlings against Tebow Mania.  The Lions have lost 2 straight and they have to get back to doing what they need to do in order to win games and that's run the ball.  We'll see if they have found an answer to their running game while we'll see how well Tebow can bounce back after his performance last week.  I imagine that the defensive line of the Lions will give the Broncos some problems as they have some RB issues also.  Winner - Lions

Washington @ Buffalo - No Santana Moss, no Tim Hightower, and pretty much no chance.  Thsi Redskins team went from an amazing start to crashing and burning quickly.  Hopefully Fitzpatrick doesn't have contract letdown since signing his deal late last week.  Winner - Bills

Cincinnati @ Seattle - How can Tavaris Jackson possibly start with an injured pectoral?  I know the QB play isn't inspiring in Seattle, but that must say alot that you'd start him over Whitehurst (we'll see what really happens).  But this game won't be worth watching, unless you live in Cincy or Seattle and maybe not even then.  Winner - Bengals

Cleveland @ San Francisco - The 49ers are for real.  The Browns are without Hillis and I'm not sure thtey have a lot of hope.  Winner - 49ers

New England @ Pittsburgh - Now we're talking the big boys.  The Patriots come into Pittsburgh owning these Steelers.  The big question is whether the Steelers can pressure Brady and force him into bad decisions.  Those two tightend sets that the Patriots will run will hurt a Steelers defense, so the Steelers offense will do well with running the ball and keeping Mr. Brady in a baseball cap.  Winner - Patriots

Dallas @ Philadelphia - The Cowboys have had this game circled since the preseason.  I hope that they're ready to actually do something besides make a mark on a calendar.  It's fitting that this game will come down to whether Romo 'tricks or treats' his team.  Winner - Eagles

San Diego @ Kansas City - Halloween Night.  Two teams that have taken two different routes here.  The Chiefs can play for a tie in the AFC West with a win here.  They have lost their starting RB (Charles) , S (Berry), and TE (Moeaki) and are still winning.  I wouldn't have thought that they would have gotten this far, but their defense has stepped up.  The Chargers actually started off fast this year and then hit a lull with some closes losses.  Gates looks to finally be back in the Chargers lineup and as always their offense is explosive.  I would normally pick the Chargers in this game, but it's Halloween and we never know what could happen.  Winner - Chargers

Who you got?!?!?!?

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