Sunday, October 09, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 5 Picks

Well another kids weekend so it's real late.  I'll post my Week 4 Wrap Up later today but wanted to get my Week 5 Picks out. 

Also before we start, take a moment to honor Al Davis who died at 82.  He was a visionary and although he did things his way he was truly trying to do what he thought would make his Raiders a better team.  RIP Al Davis. 

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh - It would be easy to say that the Titans should win this game.  Harrison and Mendenhall are out for this one, Big Ben is on a bad foot and Max Starks is starting this week and he just got signed.  For some reason I can't think that this team will fold, call me crazy.  Winner - Steelers.

Seattle @ New York Giants - Hmmm,...I've been underestimating these Giants all year.  Can the Seahawks pull off a decent performance this week?  Would't bet on it.  Winner - Giants.

Cincinnati @ Jacksonville - This ought to be a terrible game, more like a scrimmage that people shouldn't have to watch.  Winner - Bengals. 

New Orleans @ Carolina - Let's hope for more weather like last week so that something will slow the Saints down on offense.  This may turn in to a shootout with young Cam Newton putting up 400 yard games here and there.  His team might want to help him by running the ball more and keeping Brees on the sideline.  Should be entertaining.  Winner - Saints

Oakland @ Houston - This should be a very emotional game for the Raiders with the loss of their owner Al Davis so I expect for them to play inspired.  The Texans are good, but are they good enough at this point?  Winner - Raiders.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo - Ok Eagles, I'm blindly picking you each week and you're not making me look good.  I need a complete game from Vick and some protection for him.  A solid defensive turnout and a 'W'.  Winner - Eagles

Kansas City @ Indianapolis - Painter gets win #1.  Winner - Colts

Arizona @ Minnesota - This could be 0-5 and the end of Leslie Frazier and Donovan McNabb all at the same time.  That's what we're up against this weekend.  The defense will play inspired, and I think the offense finally gets on track.  Winner - Vikings

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco - This ought to be a good game, two tough teams with a lot to play for.  Do the Bucs let down after a tough win against the Colts on Monday night.  You can't get two good games in a row out of Alex Smith.  Winner - Bucs.

New York Jets @ New England - I think that the Jets need to stop talking and play ball.  They aren't looking good and Sanchez looks like he's lost all of his confidence.  Lots of LT this game, but I think the Patriots are ready.  Winner - Patriots.     

San Diego @ Denver - Will we see Tebow at QB today, I think that's really the only question.  Winner - Chargers

Green Bay @ Atlanta - Well Aaron Rodgers feels like the Falcons disrespected them last year and the struggling Falcons get to face this hot Packers team at home.  I've never really thought that the Packers needed more motivation, but it's time for this defense to step up.  Winner - Packers

Chicago @ Detroit - Thsi is going to be a game, a real good one.  The Lions are 4-0 and are looking good after come back wins the last two weeks.  They can't get behind like that with this Bears team.  The Bears are faster on carpet and they may get to Stafford a few times.  I could see this one going either way, but I gotta go with,.....Winner - Lions.

Now I'm going to get me a few more hours of sleep and I'll be with the kids all day today too.  Who you got?!?!?

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