Thursday, November 17, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 11 Picks

Let's try and start this short week off with a win,...please.

New York Jets @ Denver - I'm all over Tebow Mania.  I am laughing at people that are saying he isn't a prototypical QB.  The stat that matters the most is the fact that he's 3-1.  Of course his coach said they had to change the entire playbook, but look at the QBs in the league and each one of them is slightly different and would require changes to playbooks.  Stop hating on this guy, he's a winner.  The Jets fly across country and they are going to play a team that will probably try and confuse them more than come straight at them.  They won't have LT, but they will have their defense.  The question is whether the Jets will screw this game up, or really, whether Sanchez screws up this game.  I thought Sanchez was the answer for this team at QB, but I am slowly starting to come over to the dark side.  They should win and win big, but there is a chance that this all comes apart for the Jets and Rex Ryan ends up with his hat over his head and looking for his wife's feet (Please tell me you saw the youtube snippets of Rex and wifey and his foot fetish?!?  I won't post, but you can go and search.  Winner - Jets.

Tampa Bay @ Green Bay - With everything that has happened this year, I should just pick the Bucs to win this game.  The reason, no one probably expects them to win and it's been a crazy season so far.  I think the Packers are the most complete offensive weapon in the NFL and their defense is growing into the dominate beast that they were last year in the playoffs.  We'll see what happens in the land of cheese.  Winner - Packers

Carolina @ Detroit - This is going to be a tough game for the Lions.  I imagine that Cam Newton is going to be 'ON' today and he'll just need some help to get this win from his defense and his RBs.  Unfortunately, I think the solution for some of the Lions issues on offense are going to be the Carolina defense.  This will be a shootout and it'll be excting to see which big game WR has the biggest impact.  Winner - Lions

Jacksonville @ Cleveland - Two very bad teams but lately the Jags have been stepping it up and they've been doing it with defense.  I gotta roll with the Jags because this Cleveland team isstruggling on offense.  Winner - Jaguars.

Oakland @ Minnesota - The Raiders look a little 'warm' as Palmer seems to be playing like the QB they traded half of the franchise for.  This week they play indoors and they play against a Vikings team that seems to put every other game together.  Is this one of those games?  Winner - Raiders.

Buffalo @ Miami - Another tough game.  The Dolphins have found a way to win and the Bills are struggling after that egg they laid against the Patriots.  I think the Bills bounce back because I'm not sure that Reggie Bush has more in his tank.  I could be wrong, but I just got a feeling.  Winner - Bills

Dallas @ Washington - Remember when this used to be a big time game?  Well, this shouldn't be a good game because the Cowboys should thoroughly trounce the Redskins.  Romo needs this game to help build some confidence.  Winner - Cowboys.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore - Tough game for the Ravens, you get a limited Ray Lewis if he plays at all and the Bengals might bring the best defense to the field in this game.  Joe Flacco, I'm looking for you to win this game for the Ravens by handing the ball off to Ray Rice.  Winner - Ravens.

Arizona @ San Francisco - This one is easy, the 49ers.  They are for real.  Winner - 49ers.

Seattle @ St. Louis - Do we have to pick this game?  The Seattle team that beat the Ravens is decent, but there are so many different angles.  Normally the Seahawks are terrible, the Rams are terrible, and you never know which team is going to show up.  Winner - Rams

Tennessee @ Atlanta - The Falcons should win this game, but this Titans team could pull the minor upset.  Should be fun to watch and I've been saying it all year long, but look for another big game for Chris Johnson.  Winner - Titans.

San Diego @ Chicago - The Bears have showed that they are ready to make the push to possibly challenge the Packers for the division.  They get a dysfunctional Chargers team that needs a win badly to right their ship.  The Bears put up lots of points last week and I'm not sure they can do that two weeks in a row.  The Bears have a better defense, so you gotta go with the home team.  Winner - Bears.

Philadelphia @ New York Giants - No Vick and pretty much no chance for the Eagles.  Once I typed that, all I could see is DeSean Jackson having a big game, them running the ball well, and the defense stepping up to beat the Giants.  Winner - Giants.

Kansas City @ New England - They are back on the winning track and I see them beating the Chiefs.  Winner - Patriots

Who you got?!?!?!?

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