Sunday, November 06, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 9 Picks

Lot more time with the kids this weekend and a lot less time to get my post out.  Also updated my software on my iPhone and I didn't lose information, so I'm excited.  I'm expecting a good week this week so let's get right to it. 

Miami @ Kansas City - This Dolphins team has been playing tough as late and they are one of those teams that you don't want to play because they are hungry.  If you aren't prepared, you're going to get beat.  The Chiefs come off their improbably win last week and have an opportunity to win the AFC West and get a game on the Chargers if they lose to Green Bay today.  I can't believe that I'm doing this, but the Chiefs are on the rebound.  Haley still hasn't shaved, so I gotta go with the Grizzly Adams impersonator this week.  Winner - Chiefs

Atlanta @ Indianapolis - I guess I'm still wondering why the Colts just don't put Manning on IR and then I thought about it, him being around gives this team some kind of hope that he'll return this season and that might be the one thing that keeps them motivated.  They're out of the playoff hunt and now it's all for pride.  The Falcons come in with something to prove.  They were supposed to be the team that we would all be scared of based on their work last season, but so far that hasn't happened.  Hopefully they collected themselves off their bye last week and come out like gangbusters.  Winner - Falcons.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans - Tampa comes off their bye and I'm sure they're confused as to which team they are playing this week.  Is it the team that put up 62 two weeks ago or the team that lost to the Rams last week?  I know they are hoping for the latter, but I imagine that with a little home cooking the Saints will get back to their winning ways.  Winner - Saints

New York Jets @ Buffalo - This is where it gets interesting.  The Bills are looking like giant killers and they are serious.  They quietly have a solid team on both sides of the ball and they get a Jets team that hasn't impressed this year.  The Jets need this win or Rex Ryan is going to have to wear a muzzle for at least a week as he figures out a way to backup all of his Superbowl boasts.  Winner - Bills.

Seattle @ Dallas - The Cowboys play at home and need a big win and what do they get this week, a terrible Seahawks team.  All I have to say is if the Cowboys lose this game, they might as well shut Jerry World down for the year and concentrate on next year.  Winner - Cowboys.

Cleveland @ Houston - This should be a routine 'W' for the Texans.  Hillis is suffering from the Madden Curse and the Browns don't have much more on offense with McCoy also struggling at QB.  Winner - Texans

San Francisco @ Washington - The 49ers have to run the ball and not make too many mistakes.  This Redskins team is wounded, but they are playing at home and may be able to feed off of the crowd.  I don't expect the crowd to be into this game for too long though.  Winner - 49ers

Cincinnati @ Tennessee - Two teams that I wouldn't have expected to be winning much this year.  I thought Hasselbeck would struggle in a new offense and my theory on player holdouts in football would explain Chris Johnson's year thus far.  The Bengals are being led by a rookie redhead whose isn't related to Bill Walton, and they are winning.  The Titans are at home and I think that it's time for a Chris Johnson break out game just to remind us how good he is.  I said the same thing last week and he didn't show, so he's got to make me look good this week.  Winner - Titans

Denver @ Oakland - The Clash of 2 Eras.  This is game 3 of the Tebow Era.  Can I say that they are setting this kid up to fail?  The offense doesn't seem to be tailored to his skillset and he's also struggling because he doesn't have a go to receiver (if Decker is your answer here then that further proves my point) and really no running game.  This is game 2 of the Carson Palmer Era in Raidernation.  How much more of the playbook does he know after the bye week?  How does the addition of Houshmandzadeh help him get comfortable?  How much concern should he have for not having Run DMC this week?  So many questions, so few answers.  Winner - Raiders.   

New York Giants @ New England - Did the Steelers show the NFL the blueprint for beating the Pats?  If so, can the Giants show that they have what it takes to execute the plan?  Bradshaw has a broken bone in his foot but may play?  I imagine that you'll see a lot of the big guy (Jacobs) this weekend and a solid performance (did I say that about Eli) from Manning should get this Giants team over the hump.  Winner - Giants

St. Louis @ Arizona - Does anyone outside of these two cities care about this game?  Two bad teams with not so much hope for the playoffs.  Arizona is still trying to find their mojo on offense and the Rams used all of their mojo up last week beating the Saints.  Sam Bradford, where are you?!?!?  I'm looking on milk containers for your picture.  If the Rams can run the ball, this helps them tremendously, but I have my doubts.  Winner - Rams

Green Bay @ San Diego - Who would have thunk that after one week we'd be throwing Philip Rivers in with Tony Romo as a QB with talent, but maybe not enough to get their teams over the top.  This is a huge game for the Chargers as they try to not only win the AFC West but prove to the rest of the NFL that last week was an anomaly.  I've said here previously that the Packers are for real.  Rogers is playing the QB position as effortlessly as I've seen it played in years.  He has an answer for whatever you throw at him and he looks as calm as the other side of the pillow in every game.  Winner - Packers

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh - The Big Payback!  Well, that's how the Steelers should be looking at this one.  They got punished, not beat, punished by the Ravens earlier this season and now that the Ravens seem to be struggling on offense, this is probably one of the better opportunities for the Steelers to deliver some payback.  Can they follow through?  Winner - Ravens

Chicago @ Philadelphia - Monday night in Philadelphia.  I can just smell the cheesesteaks from South Philly right now (somebody bring me one, please!!!).  The Bears normally play the Eagles or any Mike Vick team pretty well because they have speed at the LB position but the difference this time is that the Eagles are playing at home.  The Bears offense is led by Matt Forte and he's quietly int he MVP discussion with his performance this year.  The Eagles have to run the ball with McCoy and don't put Vick in positions where he's going to take hits and the Bears are going to have to get some big plays in their passing game.  I think the Eagles are on track.  Winner - Eagles

Ok, who you got?!?!?!? 

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Delsin said...

I think GB's undefeated streak comes to an end today. Rivers is gonna come up big to make up for the "worst play ever".