Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011-12 NFL Week 12 Picks

Too much cooking and had to run to urgent care for one of the little ones.

Picks for the day:

Packers (won't count because I didn't get it in on time)



Houston @ Jacksonville - Even with Matt Leinart under center, these Texans should be able to beat a much maligned Jags secondary.  I'll keep everything crossed.  Winner - Texans.

Buffalo @ New York Jets - This would be just too much for the Jets to lose this game, as bad as they need a win.  Sanchez, your days are numbered in Gang Green if you have another bad one.  Good Luck.  Winner - Jets

Cleveland @ Cincinatti - Peyton Hillis might actually play?!?!?  For those that don't believe in the Madden Curse, I'm just saying,......I think they need to put John Madden back on the cover.  Winner - Bengals

Minnesota @ Atlanta - Falcons should get an easy win with AP pretty much guaranteed to not play.  Too much on the Falcons side of the ball for this defense.  Winner - Falcons.

Arizona @ St. Louis - Is it Skelton or the other guy, yeah the big money guy?  Not sure this was a good year for former (and present) Eagles QBs.  Winner - Cardinals.

Carolina @ Indianapolis - It would be the worst thing in the world for Cam Newton, but I think the Colts could sneak one in this game.  They come up against a defense that is as bad as their own.  Winner - Colts

Tampa Bay @ Tennessee - Tough game for each team.  I think that Hasselbeck will start, but he'll be on a short leash if he falters.  The rookie looked decent last week.  Chris Johnson will help whichever QB the Titans throw out there.  Winner - Bucs

Chicao @ Oakland - Yes I said it, Caleb Hanie is a better QB for this system than Cutler is.  I stand by that.  Cutler is by far the better QB, but the Bears will be just fine (barring an injury to Forte) for the next 6 games.  This is a tough one, but the Raiders are a little beat up and the Bears are playing pretty well right now.  Winner - Bears

Washington @ Seattle - About the only good thing for the Redskins is that Santana Moss will probably play and it'll be good seeing him after his hand injury.  Can he push the Redskins over the edge?  Looking for the cardiac Seahawks to make me look good.  Winner - Seahawks

Denver @ San Diego - When does Tebow Mania stop?  I really don't know, but I have to think that this is the week.  The Chargers just need this win more than the Broncos.  I hate to pick against him, but let's see what happens.  Winner - Chargers

New England @ Philadelphia - You know I want to pick the Eagles, but for some reason, I am just not sure that VY can pull off another miracle.  I gotta roll with the folks from PA thought.  Winner - Eagles

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City - The bye week got the Steelers healthy and they should come back ready for the stretch run and unfortunately for the Chiefs that means they are lunch.  Winner - Steelers.

New York Giants @ New Orleans - Tough game for the Giants.  They face this Saints team coming off of a bye they should be well prepared and rested.  The Saints are home and the Giants have some injury concerns on both sides of the ball.  It'll take a monster game from Jacobs to make this a Giants win.  Winner - Saints

Who you got?

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