Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a while since I've posted anything outside of my weekly picks, so I thought that I'd get back into the swing of things with some quick blurbs so you can see what's going on.


Lockout - We all know that the lockout is still on going and David Stern has been masterful about using the media to bludgeon the players into taking a raw deal and being 'happy' with it.  There's a lot of people who look at this from an employer to employee view and how dare the players want more than a 50/50 BRI split.  People are going to argue and make this about their experience ('if I had a company I'd tell them to take the deal or they can get out of here' or 'these guys are asking their bosses for more of the profits, to he77 with them').  You must understand that these athletes are more like actors than rank and file employees.  They have a specialized skillset that you just can't go out and get any average Joe off the street to perform.  Plus this is corporate America where sometimes you have to fight for everything.  This can't be lost in the argument because Stern is trying his best to demonize the players (is demonize to strong of a word?) and have the fans revolt against them.  I only hope that the lockout ends soon and that there is a deal where there are concessions on both sides and not just the owners.

Charlotte Bobcats - Mr. Air Jordan himself is on record as one of the owners that wants to cut the players percentage of BRI down to 47%.  All I got to say Mike is that when this is done, we're going to see how your public stance hurts your ability and image among the players that hold you in such high esteem.   


Chicago Bears - Well, he finally got paid, and no not Forte, offensive lineman Garza.  I still can fathom why the Bears don't make this deal with Forte.  They had put a deal on the table that would have given him around $13M to $14M guaranteed and Forte wants closer to $16M to $18M guaranteed.  You have a guy that is doing it all for your team (minus the fumbles last night) and he's being a pro about it and he's not letting his play suffer.  I just don't get it.  Worse for Forte is the franchise tag, which the team can do for 2 years straight.  The cap number for the franchise tag used to be the Top 5 position players from the previous year, but now the franchise tag is the Top 5 position players from the previous 5 years.  That lowers next years' cap for a RB from $9.5M (this year) to closer to $7.5M.  Sucks to be Forte right now. 

Indianapolis Colts - Still winless and maybe they want to stay that way.  Andrew Luck is the prize and many are questioning what the Colts would do with that pick, should they get it.  I think it's easy, I think you draft Luck and keep him until Peyton retires (I imagine 2 to 3 years tops due to neck concerns).  Yes the Colts need offensive and defensive line help, but when you think about it, Peyton would end his career like daddy Manning started his, running for his life. 

New York Giants - With Ahmad Bradshaw having a broken bone in his foot, Jacobs did a decent job this past weekend against the Patriots to help the Giants get a win.  Now word is Bradshaw is on his way back and will probably have to share the workload in order to keep him healthy.  Why wouldn't the Giants just rest Bradshaw for a few weeks and give Jacobs the rock for a few weeks.  This get Bradshaw a little healthier and maybe energizes Jacobs. 

Arizona Cardinals - With the Philadelphia Eagles on the docket for Sunday, Kevin Kolb is trying to do his best to get back in the lineup so he can prove the Eagles made a mistake (unless he plays defense, I really think that's a moot argument) in trading him away.  

New England Patriots - They have waived Albert Haynesworth.  Is Ocho up next?  I for one thought that their additions would reap benefits for the Patriots and boy was I wrong.   

Washington Redskins - Released Donte Stallworth.

Carolina Panthers - Released Ronald Fields.

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