Thursday, November 11, 2010

NBA Rumors 11-11-10

Yao Ming – Hurt again.  Yao was hurt in the game last night against the Wizards and the diagnosis was a strained tendon in his leg.  It’s not the same area that Yao broke previously, so that big sigh that you heard was coming directly from Houston.  Yao will probably be cleared to play within the next week or so, but I doubt he’ll play any meaningful basketball for at least a month. 

Eric Dampier – The Rockets chose not to sign Dampier at the last moment and now it looks like the teams are lining up for his services.  Put the Heat, the Suns, the Bulls, and the Raptors on the list of possible suitors.  I don’t even think Dampier thought he’d be in such high demand. 

The Miami Heat – A blueprint already?  It seems as though if you’re physical against the Heat bigs, you will win.  This was shown this week as the Hornets and the Jazz destroyed the collection of bigs that is Joel Anthony, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, and anyone else you want to throw in there.  The Heat lost a game where LBJ had a triple double and Wade dropped 39, and there’s something wrong with that.  There are rumors that Pat Riley may send Bosh away by the trade dealine if they can’t find a way to stop someone, soon. 

Joakim Noah – A little too sweet?  Noah doesn’t like Kevin Garnett.  (Who cares?)  "Kevin Garnett will not -- will not -- get a Christmas gift from me," Noah said Wednesday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "I don't like him.  He's a very mean guy," Noah added. "Where's the love? None at all. Ugly, too."  Noah added during the radio interview: "... he was very mean to me my rookie year. And he's only mean to the young guys and the [European players], for some reason. I don't know why, but that's who he doesn't like. He's not nice. I talk a lot of trash out there, but c'mon, be a little sensitive. Be sweet."  Is this how you talk trash in French? 

Steve Nash – With Nash getting up there in years and the Suns being a pretender, the word on the street is that the Suns may be open to trading Nash.  And where do you think the rumored destination is,……….New York Knicks.  This would essentially reunite Nash with his old coach and his old pick and roll partner.  This could be a short term fix (Nash has 2 years and $22M left on his deal), but the Knicks would probably have to move someone on their team and I’m not sure the Suns want Raymond Felton in return. 

Peja Stojakovic – Many remember Stojakovic playing next to Webber, raining threes on the Lakers.  As of late, he’s been a bench warmer with an unsure back getting paid $14M this year.  Hornets GM, Dell Demps, is trying his best to move Stojakovic and is looking at acquiring Andre Iguodala from the Sixers.  The Sixers may want more than an expiring deal, but you can’t turn down $14M in cap relief.  We’ll see what happens. 

Derrick Rose – Battling injuries as usual, but this time it’s something that he never thought he’d get, turf toe.  Rose said he’s monitoring the situation with trainers, but he wasn’t even sure what it was.  For those that don’t know, check out a medical definition.

Jerry West – AKA the Logo will be honored by the Lakers during the All-Star weekend in February by adding his statue to the existing ones outside of Staples Center.  West was the All-time leading scorer for the Lakers until one Kobe Bean Bryant passed him last year.  Congrats to West for the honor. 

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