Friday, November 19, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 11 Picks

At least we started out on the good foot with the Bears game this week.  I was surprised that some folks actually picked the Dolphins, even I couldn't do that in good faith.  Let's finish up the week strong.     

Buffalo @ Cincinnati - I almost think that the Bills should win this game.  The Bengals have sucked this year and there's really nothing that is redeeming about this team.  They lost their kicker for the year, they have a QB who is struggling to get back to being the QB that many thought he would be, they can't seem to run the ball, and the TO/Ocho combination is terrible.  BUT, they are playing the Bills and they are playing this game in Ohio.  Why am I doing this?  I'm going to say this now, if they don't win, I will not pick them the rest of the year, period.  Winner - Bengals

Detroit @ Dallas - Jason Garrett is 1-0 for the year and he's done a great job of motivating this team to actually showing up for a game.  The Lions are a dangerous team as long as Megatron is on the field and they have proven that I could start at QB and he'll still get the ball.  The Cowboys' corners have been terrible for most of the year and this will definitely be a test for them.  Both defensive lines are good and should provide each offense with their own issues.  I expect that Suh will help the Cowboys continue the string of not being able to run the ball effectively.  This is at Jerry's World, so gotta go with the home team.  Winner - Cowboys.  

Washington @ Tennessee - You have a Redskins defense that is still giving up points to the Eagles and Mike Vick, and a Titans squad that really underachieved last week by losing to the Dolphins (even though the Dolphins almost ran out of players).  Which team has the gumption to step up and make it two bad weeks in a row.  Randy Moss had 1 catch last week in his debut and we know he's better than that.  They have had some time and I expect Moss to show out this weekend against this weak Redskins secondary.  For the Redskins, I'm just waiting for Shanahan to pull McNabb again.  Does it happen this week?  Winner - Titans.

Arizona @ Kansas City - The Cardinals are terrible and it's time for this Chiefs team to show me something or I will revert back to calling them the Chefs.  Dwayne Bowe seems to be able to catch balls as of late and the defense has got to make a run back to the first four games of the season.  They were pretty much in a groove up until the loss against Indy, but they played well even then.  If they can turn the clock back, just a little, and play some defense, this should be an easy game for the Chiefs.  Winner - Chiefs

Green Bay @ Minnesota - Another 'job' game for Childress and a must win for the Vikings if they have ANY hope of making it to the playoffs.  If the Vikings lose this game, I'm pretty sure Childress is done, but so is the team for this year.  The Packers are coming off a bye week and hopefully they were able to find the fountain of recovery because they needed it badly.  The sad thing is that I think Favre will see a younger version of someone resembling him, behind a decent offensive line, throwing the ball all over the field, and he may come to tears.  Maybe the Vikings drop Rodgers and start a blowout and we see a little of Tavaris Jackson in this game?  I doubt it.  Winner - Vikings

Houston @ New York Jets - The Jets come off of a close win against the Browns and now they get a Texans team that is looking for some respect.  The Texans are coming off of a lost game to the Jaguars on a hell mary and they needed a win last week, so the urgency is there.  All of the luster has worn off of this team since their great start, including a win over the Colts.  The Jets have been quiet, which is something I never thought I'd say.  The bravado that the Ryan led Jets were talking has toned down a lot.  Can they get it all back together and start the talking again?  Winner - Jets.   

Oakland @ Pittsburgh - How do you make up for losing a close game against the Patriots?  You get a chance to prove to the world that you can beat the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders aren't the sacrificial cow that they have been over the last few years and they come to Pittsburgh with a good running game (Bush and DMC) and Jason Campbell peaking.  This will be a closer game than most think if Campbell doesn't regress.  Again, it's hard to beat Pittsburgh at home (although the Patriots did).  Winner - Steelers

Baltimore @ Carolina - Baltimore, easy.  Winner - Ravens

Cleveland @ Jacksonville - The Jaguars aren't that good, but sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, ask the Bears about that.  The Jaguars snuck a win last week and they have been playing pretty well as of late following the lead of David Garrard.  The Browns have also shown a pulse these past few weeks and they seem to be coming together on the defensive side of the ball at the very least.  This is a coin toss.  Winner - Jaguars.   

Tampa Bay @ San Francisco - I would normally say that this is a win for the 49ers and easy, but the Bucs are not laying down for anyone.  With a youth enthused team led by Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount, this Bucs team is dangerous.  The 49ers have been given a shot in the arm by searching and finding a QB on their roster in Troy Smith.  Smith has been able to lead this 49ers squad to some wins and he may get another this weekend.  This ought to be a hard fought game and a good one to watch.  Winner - 49ers.

Seattle @ New Orleans - The return of Reggie Bush?  Bush is trying to make his return from breaking a leg earlier in the season and going against his old coach my be the best opportunity for success.  The Seahawks have been up and down all year and I think (let me count here,.......) it's time for them to be up this game.  They should be able to play with the Saints for at least a quarter or two but in the end, the better team should win.  Winner - Saints

Atlanta @ St. Louis - I know which team better win.  The Falcons, as I repeat here often, are one of the best teams in the NFC.  They can run with Turner, throw with Ryan, and they have Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez to catch the ball.  The defense is one of the better ones in the league and they are playing a Rams team that is struggling just to keep players on the field.  Even with that said, the Rams have been a team that will take a win from you if you let them stay in the game.  Atlanta will have to jump out early and try to put any fire that this Rams team has out.  Winner - Falcons.   

Indianapolis @ New England - Two of the games best QBs face off against each other:  Brady vs. Manning.  Manning is dealing with not having his usual targets on the field, but he's made it work with the fill ins that the Colts have.  The Patriots are riding high after beating the Steelers at home and they get to stay at home and welcome the Colts.  The Patriots young defense was able to make some plays in Pittsburgh and the question now is will they be able to do the same thing against a Manning led offense.  My money is on Manning.  Winner - Colts

New York Giants @ Philadelphia - Is Mike Vick still on fire?  The Giants defense will find out.  The Giants have the personnel upfront to keep Vick in check, but I'm not sure if their second level (LBs) is good enough.  They also have to worry about McCoy and Jackson who are explosive also.  The Giants can grind the ball with Jacobs and Bradshaw, which could limit Mr. Vick's touches.  The more Vick is on the sidelines, the better chance the Giants have.  Can they pull off the upset?  Winner - Eagles.   

Denver @ San Diego - This has shootout written all over it and that's hard to say when you have Kyle Orton as your starting QB.  Orton has played, by far, his best season as a QB.  The Chargers don't really scare you on defense so I expect that the Orton to Lloyd combo will be ordered up several times this game.  Philip Rivers has shown that he too has an arm and is willing to throw to anyone with a Chargers jersey on since the Chargers have had problems from injuries and holdouts all year long.  Do the Broncos have enough to keep pace?  Winner - Chargers.  

Who you got? 

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