Friday, November 12, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 10 Picks

Starting off 0 - 1 this week with the Ravens/Falcons game.  Let's see what happens the rest of the week.

Detroit @ Buffalo – This is definitely going to be an ugly game.  The Bills may mess around and get their first win.  Shaun Hill should get the start for the Lions with Stafford hurt and that defense has been playing pretty well as of late.  This is really a coin flip, but I have to lean towards the Lions on this one.  Don’t know why.  Winner – Lions

Minnesota @ Chicago – Whew!!!!  This is a Job game for both head coaches.  If the Bears lose, that’ll mean that Lovie is one step closer to being out the door.  If the Vikings lose, that may end their playoff hopes and send Chilly on out the door on Monday morning.  The Vikings are thin at WR as Harvin continues to battle migraines and they slowly bring Rice along.  That means more time for former Bears castoff Bernard Berrian to do work.  I don’t know if he’s up for it.  I imagine that the Vikings will allow Favre to call the game from under center in hopes of catching the Bears asleep at the wheel.  Winner – Vikings.        

New York Jets @ Cleveland – I picked against this bad Browns team two weeks in a row and they ended up winning.  Dare I pick them again?  The Jets need to win this game badly and make Rex Ryan’s brother rue the day he was born (hahahahaha).  The Browns have been up to the challenge as of late but it’s too late in the season for the better teams to lose to the bad ones.  Winner – Jets

Carolina @ Tampa Bay – This is how bad it’s become for the Panthers.  I can’t even waste time talking about them because I just know that they are going to lose this game.  In Tampa?  Against a decent defense and no running game.  Watch them run all over the Bucs and make me cry in my cereal.  Winner – Bucs.

Houston @ Jacksonville – I can’t believe that Garrard can play better than he did against the Cowboys again.  They are at home, but Houston has got to get back on track or they are going to be bridesmaids in their division yet again.  It’s time for that Texans defense to get down right Walker Texas Ranger on somebody.  Arian Foster will also need a big game.  Winner – Texans

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis – One bad team (Bengals) against a decent team (Colts) at home.  Collie is still out, and Manning doesn’t look that comfortable with his version of the Replacements.  He’s so used to being on the same page with his receivers, but with all their injuries, it just makes it hard and you can see he’s not comfortable.  The Bengals are on a fast ship going nowhere as it seems that Carson Palmer only has love for T.O.  Chad Ochocinco has been relegated to a highly paid cheerleader who doesn’t like what he’s seeing.  He’s gotta have a big game sometime soon.  Maybe this weekend?  Winner – Bengals

Tennessee @ Miami – Hello Randy Moss, again!!!!!  The Titans come to Miami to show off their new offense and I expect the fireworks to pop.  I had the same expectations for Moss in Minny, but Fisher is a much better coach and they have a much better play caller.  Miami will play them tough, but with the revolving door at QB on a constant spin, no one can really pick the Dolphins.  Winner – Titans

Kansas City @ Denver – AFC Rivalry in the Mile High City.  We know a few things: 1) Kyle Orton will throw for 300+ yards 2) Charles will have 20-25 carries for 100+ yards 3) Bowe will drop 2 passes 4) Cassel will make us question his $60M contract 5) Brandon Lloyd will make every Bears fan cringe has he catches passes from Orton for TDs (about 2 this game).  In the end, this one is coming down to a kicker.  Who you got?  Winner – Chiefs.

Dallas @ New York Giants – How bad can it be?  I guess we’ll see.  If the Cowboys lose this game, they might have to fire all of the popcorn vendors in the new stadium, obviously they are a problem too.  (Jerry Jones, look in the mirror!!!!)  The Cowboys travel to the new Meadowlands and they are running into a buzz saw.  Not that I think the Giants are that good, because Manning can give it away, but they have a decent all around team and I expect them to dominate a Dallas defense that hasn’t been able to stop too many people this season.  I can’t pick the Cowboys.  The keyboard won’t even let me type it.  Winner – Giants

Seattle @ Arizona – The Battle of Two Bad teams.  Hasselbeck will probably start coming off of his concussion, but he should do a lot of handing off to Lynch if they want to win this game.  I’m not even sure who’s starting for the Cardinals at QB, but it seems over the last few weeks that they are more comfortable with Derek Anderson back there.  Here’s to hoping he can play some decent ball this weekend.  Winner – Cardinals.

St. Louis @ San Francisco – This starts the 49ers path towards winning the NFC West.  No one has really stepped up to take away the division, so here’s to making Mike Singletary and the rest of the 49ers front office look like geniuses.  Winner – 49ers

New England @ Pittsburgh – The winner of this game will be my pick to represent the AFC in the Superbowl, unless the Patriots win.  I’m not sold on the Patriots and it’s hard as he77 to win in Pittsburgh.  Belicheat can only scheme so much.  Winner – Steelers.

Philadelphia @ Washington – The Battle for the Rightful QB of the Eagles.  Vick brings his Eagles squad to Washington to face the old face of the Eagles, Donovan McNabb.  Vick owes McNabb a lot since he took him under his wing when the Eagles rescued him from purgatory (coming out of jail).  Too bad he won’t give McNabb what he needs the most and that’s a subpar performance.  The Redskins don’t have enough and they’re limited on offense to win this game.  The best thing that could happen is that Vick twists his ankle (not serious) and Kolb comes in and blows this game for the Eagles.  That would be too much like right.  Winner – Eagles.   

Who you got??

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