Thursday, November 11, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 10 Thursday Night Pick

Welcome to Thursday Night Football!!!!!  I don’t know if the wife is going to be able to stand it.  She’s already on me about too many sports going on in the house, NBA, NFL, College Basketball, and occasionally a College Football game.   Well, I’ve only got my picks for the Thursday Night game so here we go. 

Baltimore @ Atlanta – Well Ray Lewis leads his Ravens team into the dirty south.  Not the best town for Ray based on previous history, but let’s talk about football.  The Falcons have been up and down all season.  They have all of the tools in place to be a force in the NFC, but with Roddy White nursing an injured knee (possibly won’t play), the Falcons are going to have to step it up on offense.  With White out and the Ravens able to handle Gonzalez at the TE spot, who can be the catalyst for the Falcons?  Matt Ryan, you better be raising your hand.  The Ravens have the running and passing game going (with the exception of TJ 'Who's Your Mama', where you at?), and we always can count on the Ravens defense showing up.  The Ravens are enjoying the return of Ed Reed.  It'll take about 4 weeks for him to be 'back', but this will be an important game for him too.  You all know that ‘In Ray, I trust’, so……Winner – Ravens.  

Who you got?

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