Friday, November 05, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 9 Picks

Last week was terrible.  It’s gotta get better.  Here’s looking at a perfect week.  Can I pull it off?  Let’s see. 

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta – The Falcons better win this game and handily.  They are playing a dangerous Bucs team that seems to be right there in being able to perform well each week.  Their defense has stepped up in the past weeks and rookie LeGarrette Blount had a coming out party last week.  I like watching a young team grow, but this should be one of those bumps in the road for the Bucs.  Winner – Falcons.

Chicago @ Buffalo – This will be an interesting game.  The Bears are coming off their bye week with the promise of reshuffling their offensive line and also planning on running the ball more consistently.  Here’s to hoping.  This game is important for the Bears, because this Bills team has been playing well (not winning though) and all they need is an opportunity to make someone look bad.  This might be their week.  Winner – Bears.

New England @ Cleveland – The real question is which Browns team shows up.  Will it be the team that beat the Saints, or the team that shows up almost every other week?  I’m on record that the Patriots aren’t that good (their record says otherwise), but I don’t think this Browns team is quite ready yet.  Maybe this is one more step closer to the Mike Holmgren coaching era in Cleveland.  Winner – Patriots.

New York Jets @ Detroit – The Jets get to travel to the comfy confines of Ford Field and they get a team that may be up to playing against the brash team from New York.  The Lions defense has played pretty well lately and Calvin Johnson seems to always find the ball eventhough he’s really their only wide receiver threat.  The Jets have the people to clamp down on the Lions to make this a tough game for the Jets.  In the end, the Jets have to play better and I think they capitalize on this opportunity.  Winner – Jets. 

New Orleans @ Carolina – The Panthers welcome their NFC South rivals from Louisiana.  I’m not sure what else I can say about this game.  The Saints are playing well after beating the Steelers last Sunday so I expect them to beat the tar out of the Panthers.  Winner – Saints. 

Miami @ Baltimore – This ought to be a good game.  Two good defenses and two offenses that won’t give the game away, with the exception of the Ravens letting Joe Flacco ‘do what he do’ at the present time.  Flacco has been playing great as of late and looks to continue to do the same against Dolphins.  Look for the Ravens to pull this one out.  I don’t expect a lot of points in this game unless one team decides to turn the ball over.  Winner – Ravens. 

San Diego @ Houston – This is a hard game to pick.  The Texans are coming off of a loss against the Colts (you just can’t spot them 14 points at home and expect to win) on Monday night, so they have the short week, but they at home.  We know the Chargers will get to the game at half time and then start playing.  The question is how many points can the Texans score before halftime?  No Gates for the Chargers (or at least that’s the plan as of right now) so I imagine that the Chargers will have a rough time.  Winner – Texans. 

Arizona @ Minnesota – This is the game for Childress’ job.  If they lose this one, I expect that he’ll keep on driving until her gets home and that’ll be the end of the Childress era in Minny.  The Cardinals have a rotating QB situation and a decent running game.  The Vikings defense will step up this week, guaranteed.  Winner – Vikings.

New York Giants @ Seattle – We are now seeing the beginning of the Charlie Whitehurst regime in Seattle.  He’s never thrown a pass in an NFL game and he gets to face a well rested Giants front line.  There’s no way that this ends well for the Seahawks, right?  Winner – Giants.

Indianapolis @ Philadelphia – The return from injury for Vick and he gets the Colts defense that looked great against the Texans.  Hopefully the time off let LeSean McCoy’s ribs heal.  This will be a good game.  The Colts defensive ends will have to keep contain and Vick will have to learn to not take such big hits.  What’s the Eagles’ record coming off a bye?  Winner – Eagles.

Kansas City @ Oakland – The Raiders are looking good and hope to keep their brief period of domination (2 games) going.  The Chiefs have been looking good and they should win this game.  This is a division rival game.  No Asomugha, but there’s a chance that changes.  This one is difficult, but I guess I’m going with the Chiefs.  Winner – Chiefs.

Dallas @ Green Bay – It’s all over but the crying and even that is probably not going to stop for a while in Texas.  The Packers are still hurt and they won’t have Donald Driver, but they are at home and the tundra is at least close to being cold.  Dallas seems to have already checked out for the season.  I thought they played well had it not been for the turnovers last week (can you guys catch the ball?), but the outcome simply destroyed their psyche.  It’s a must win for the Cowboys or we might see the first firing of a head coach.  Winner – Packers. 

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati – Should be an even game.  The Steelers are rolling on all cylinders and the Bengals are struggling big time.  I think this is another ‘job’ game, meaning that if the Bengals lose this, they might have sealed the fate of Marvin Lewis.  The Steelers are just that good.  Winner – Steelers.

Who you got?

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