Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NBA Wrap 11-2-10

Jared Dudley – Agrees to an extension with the Phoenix Suns for 5 years at $22.5M.  The deal will pay Dudley $4.25M a year with a chance for incentives (playoff money at $225K a year).  This is an okay deal since Dudley is the first guy off the bench and can play some defense and hit a 3 ever now and then.  The Suns didn’t over pay, but I guess in the end it was a fair deal.

Mike Conley – Agrees to an extension with the Memphis Grizzlies for, take a seat, 5 years at $40M, with an additional $5M in incentives.  Conley hasn’t really played that well since he’s been in Memphis AND they gave him this deal based on what he did in the pre-season?  And you wonder why owners are saying that they are broke.  It’s because of deals like this!!!  I’ll bet you that Conley hurried up and signed this deal.  Quick fast in a hurry. 

Josh Smith – Look for Smith to be on the trading block before the Trade deadline.  The Hawks extension of Horford has them dangerously close to the luxury tax line in the 2011-2012 season.  The Hawks are going to have to make a trade to lower their payroll and the only piece that anyone could possibly want would be Smith, even at his $11+M a year salary.  There are a lot of teams that could use an athletic big who rebounds, blocks shots and runs the floor well, so we’ll see what happens from here. 

 Derrick Favors - Maybe this Melo deal is back on.  It seems Favors has shown flashes as he has averaged 10 pts and 10 rebs so far this season (yes, a small sample of games), or at least enough that the Nuggets may be interested in getting something for Melo instead of getting nothing.  We'll have to watch this one to see if this deal is put back on the table.  Denver had been reluctant to part with Melo unless they got a talented big and Favors (so far) fits that mold. 

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