Sunday, November 28, 2010

NFL 2010 Week 12 Picks

Yes, we're running late this week, but all of that sleep from the turkey is the only reason.  Let's see what we have on tap for the rest of this week.

Green Bay @ Atlanta - A very interesting game.  One team that's all pass and defense, the Packers, against a well rounded team at home, the Falcons.  I keep saying that the Packers can't keep this up, but for some reason they continue to win.  Winner - Falcons.

Pittsburgh @ Buffalo - Unless the Steelers bus has an accident en route to the stadium, this one is easy.  Winner - Steelers.

Carolina @ Cleveland - Talk about another easy one.  The Browns should be able to run the score up on this bad Panthers team and it's in Cleveland,.......Winner - Browns

Jacksonville @ New York Giants - Ok, this is it.  The Jaguars can not win this game.  They have been playing some good football as of late and have gotten some pretty lucky bounces, but there's no way they go to the New Meadowlands and win this game.  Bradshaw lost his starting spot and this Giants team has to be steamed with the way they played last week.  Winner - Giants

Minnesota @ Washington - Is this the old QB Bowl?  McNabb isn't quite 40 yet, although his body might beg to differ, but this is a bad game and hopefully not too many people have to watch.  The Vikings have been my pick all year, but they have let me down at every turn.  Again, I don't know why I pick them, but maybe they answer the bell for Leslie better than they do Childress.  Winner - Vikings

Tennessee @ Houston - No VY, and we're getting a third stringer starting.  This is just the type of game that the Titans would man up and win.  The Texans need this win badly and I could imagine Jeff Fisher taking a head coaching position in Houston next year with all of the craziness that's going on in the Titans locker room.  Note to Vince Young, if you are man enough to cuss someone out, be man enough to apologize in the same manner, to his face.  Winner - Texans.

Kansas City @ Seattle - This is the statement game of the year for the Chiefs, are they for real?  I think so.  Seattle has played well about half the season and you never know which team will show up, but this Chiefs team has the playoffs in their grasp and this is one of those gotta win games.  Winner - Chiefs.

Miami @ Oakland - More Gradkowski for the Raiders and I think I'm going to try out for the Dolphins starting QB spot.  Miami has the long road trip this week and if they game plan like they did against the Bears (not one Wildcat formation) then this game is already over.  Going with the Silver and Black.  Winner - Raiders

St. Louis @ Denver - Cheaters never win!!!  Well sometimes they do (ask the Patriots) and sometimes the fruit from those teams fall very close to the tree (ask Denver).  The Rams are just too young and I imagine that the Mile High air is going to hurt the Rams especially this late in the season.  Winner - Broncos

Philadelphia @ Chicago - I can guarantee one thing, Cutler won't throw a pick to Asante Samuels because he'll be out of this game with a knee injury.  I imagine that Cutler will still try to find him on the sidelines though.  This is the game for the Bears to show whether they are real or if this is all a facade and smoke and mirrors.  They have the defensive front to keep Vick in check, but everyone if going to have to play well.  Briggs is the man that will shine if the Bears win.  Winner - Eagles

Tampa Bay @ Baltimore - This game screams defense but I'm not sure if the Bucs can hold up their end of the bargain.  It's late in the year and the Ravens don't usually play badly because this is moving time (moving up the ranks).  LeGarrette Blount, meet the Ravens defense, we'll have the Epsom salt ready for you after the game.  Winner - Ravens

San Diego @ Indianapolis - Can Rivers do it two weeks in a row?  He had a spectacular game last week, but this Colts team is hungry and both teams need a win to keep up with the Patriots.  Manning just isn't the same guy without his full complement of receivers, but he's still going to stick it to the Chargers defense.  The Colts defense can get to Rivers and Gates is out yet again.  Rivers' options appear to be similar to Manning.  Which QB is better?  Winner - Chargers

San Francisco @ Arizona - Is anyone going to be watching this game?  I mean most people in Arizona and California won't so I expect to have a Monday Night Football black out.  Of course it will be on, but I'm not tuning in to watch Derek Anderson and whomever the 49ers trot out there to play this game.  Hopefully Troy Smith has a great game on Monday Night so that Chucky and Jaws don't have to go on and on with filler for this game.  Winner - 49ers

Who you got?

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