Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NBA 2010 Rookie of the Year Watch

The NBA season is underway and as usual we have a new pool of rookies to evaluate.  We all know that many have John Wall pegged as the rookie of the year but we also have as many people on the Blake Griffin train.  At this point, I gotta agree with the two of them being interchangeable 1 and 2 on the list, but we’ll track and see who else may show up on the list. 

John Wall, WAS
18.1 ppg
4.0 rpg
9.8 apg
43.9 FG% in 39.1 minutes per game
Blake Griffin, LAC
16.1 ppg
10.2 rpg
1.9 apg
47.9 FG% in 34.9 minutes per game
Landry Fields, NYK
9.9 ppg
5.7 rpg
1.4 apg
57.1 FG% in 27.4 minutes per game
Armon Johnson, POR
5.3 ppg
1.1 rpg
2.2 apg
57.1 FG% in 11.4 minutes per game
Derrick Favors, NJN
7.6 ppg
6.4 rpg
0.1 apg
53.6 FG% in 20.2 minutes per game

Where’s DeMarcus Cousins?  Armon Johnson shouldn’t be on this list.  Landry Fields is surprising me and I think everyone in NYC.    

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