Thursday, October 02, 2008

Highway to Hell

More rumblings out of Dallas. No TO didn't have a change of heart about his touches, and no, no one else on the team decided to voice their frustration with losing. The rumblings are coming from one of the Cowboys prized acquisitions, Pacman, umm I mean Adam Jones. The Cowboys, like any smart company, took on the risk of acquiring Pacman, I mean Jones, and they also put measures in place to make sure that risk is abated. Jones was provided with security, an apartment (that the Cowboys selected), and mentors, like Deion Sanders to be a phone call away. While most of this has kept Pacman (yes, I'm going to call him Pacman from here on out)safe and out of trouble, he and the organization are at odds about his living arrangements. Pacman is trying to move out of his company owned apartment and this should scare the isht out of everyone. Pacman has made it a few months (clean) and now he's going to try and keep this thing going on his own? All I have to say is that unless he's moving in with Deion and Pilar, this is going to be bad. No parental (well, team) guidance and Pacman will be at one of the many gentlemen, ummm, I mean sckrip clubs in Dallas, making it rain all over again.

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