Monday, October 27, 2008

NBA Round Up 10-27-08

Charlotte Bobcats - Calling Billy Blanks!!!!! Sean May is still out of shape and not looking like he'll be close any time soon (although round is a shape Sean). The Bobcats are depending on May to help them turn this season around with new coach Larry Brown at the helm. Right now May looks like he's a few burgers away from playing 17 minutes a night. That number is going to have to be closer to 30 for the Bobcats to have a decent season.

Memphis Grizzlies - How quickly it goes downhill? Antoine Walker has been told, basically, that he won't be getting much time this year for the Grizz as they try to play the young guys to see what they have. The Grizz are also not thinking of buying Walker out of his $9.7M deal to let him sign with another team. Looks like they'll hold on to him until the trade deadline to see if someone wants an expiring contract. Antoine, stay in shape and you may end up somewhere decent.

Indiana Pacers - Mike Dunleavy is still out because of his injured knee. The Pacers are going to need him in the lineup soon, but it'll probably be another week or so before he's ready. We're still waiting to hear where they are shipping their mercurial point guard, Jamal Tinsley.

Chicago Bulls - It looks like Ben Gordon will finally be healthy for the season opener against the Milwaukee Bucks. I for one thought he was tanking anyway. This is Gordon's audition year for another team since he'll be a free agent at the end of the year. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have a for sale sign on his jersey as they near tip off tomorrow night. (**side note - I will be at this game to see the Bulls and to find out if they are for real this year).

Sacramento Kings - Other than dating one of the more attractive WNBA players, Candace Parker, what has former Dukie, Sheldon 'The Landlord' Williams, been doing? Nothing would be the right answer. Williams hasn't made a splash in the NBA, yet (there is hope for him and JJ Redick), but he is working hard to try and make that happen. I imagine that we'll hear from the Landlord this year, or he'll definitely being moving from the left coast.

Isiah Thomas - I'm not sure whether it was him or his daughter who was treated for an overdose of sleeping pills, but the entire story seems very fishy. Reports had it as a 47 year old male and not a 17 year old female who was taken for treatment. While his former teammates have gone on to success (Joe Dumars, Bill Lambier, John Salley, even Dennis Rodman) Zeke has remained as a polarizing figure in the media. Yes, some of his trades while he was a coach of the Knicks have hampered the Knicks, to this day, and made them a laughingstock while he was there. All I have to say is that I hope everyone in the Thomas household is doing well. This story will probably grow as more facts come into play, but here are some well wishes being passed along to Zeke.

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