Thursday, October 16, 2008

NFL Wrap Up 10-16-08

Dallas Cowboys - It seems as though Pacman (isn't everyone back to calling him Pacman now since he effed up) Jones has been admitted into a Dallas area rehab center. I mentioned in a earlier post that Pacman on his own was a big mistake and then he went and had to get into it with his babysitter/personal security. As a part of the whole Pacman deal, word out of Dallas is that the officer that showed up to the hotel when the police were called, was very lenient with Pacman and not even putting his name in the report. It seems as though the officer arrived at the hotel prior to Pacman even getting there. If that doesn't sound strange enough, the report is without a lot of facts. So, the powers that be at the police department are investigating this incident from their side of the fence to find out what really happened. Somewhere Jerry Jones is on the phone with Dallas police trying to 'work this out'.

Tony Romo has been told by Da Man, Brett Favre, that he should suck it up and play this week. I can imagine Favre telling him, it's just a broken pinkie. You can't let that stop you. I'm an iron man, be like Brett. Romo practiced yesterday on the sidelines throwing passes and claimed he was ready to play.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Willie Parker has aggravated his tweaked left knee during practice on Monday by stepping in a hole on the practice field. How does this happen? Is there a head grounds man in Pittsburgh without a job today?

Philadelphia Eagles - Well it seems someone in the Eagles organization is reading my blog. The Eagles not only inquired about the services of Roy Williams before the Cowboys dumped a boatload of money in his pockets, but they also inquired about 'not as good as his father' Kellen Winslow from Cleveland. The Browns said 'no' and then went out and destroyed the New York Football Giants on Monday night. Winslow's backup, Eric Hieden was instrumental to the run game (something Winslow isn't) and caught several tough passes over the middle. Is it too late to get Andy Reid back on the phone about this deal?

Buffalo Bills - Indianapolis Colts - Buffalo Bills - The Bills and the Colts agreed to a deal that would send John McCargo to Indy for a draft pick (4th round pick). All was well until McCargo failed the physical, due to an injured back, nullifying this deal. What happens next is the big question since McCargo's defensive line coach has openly questioned McCargo's desire to play. That's a tough spot to be in.

Oakland Raiders (hopefully) - Tim Brown has pushed himself into the limelight as a possible candidate to assist the Raiders organization with getting back on top. Brown feels that he can help make some decisions on personnel, not a GM though, but more of a consultant. Normally I would disagree, but I like Tim Brown. Liked him as a player, but the best part is that he knows the game and can provide the leadership that the Raiders need. Maybe he can even convince the old man, Al Davis, to go and sit around a pool for a while.

Kansas City Chiefs - Is he or isn't he? The word out of KC is that Larry Johnson is going to be suspended (by the team) for their game this weekend. Supposedly the Chiefs tried to trade Johnson before Tuesday and he didn't react well when he found out about it. He did practice today and Herm Edwards will address the situation later today. This will be interesting. (JUST IN - LJ is out this weekend, he's been deactivated.)

Minnesota Vikings - Thomas Tapeh has been released from the Vikings. It seems as though Tapeh didn't tell the Vikings about a knee surgery (weeks before he signed) prior to signing with them this year. Tapeh had signed a multi-year deal with $1.2M guaranteed. Don't know why the Vikings are pissed, didn't he pass the physical? There's got to be more to this.

New York Jets - Who didn't expect this one? Brett Favre is on his on again, off again deal with retirement. Brett, it's only week 7 baby, you gotta suck it up (isn't that what he told Romo?). Hopefully this doesn't get turned into a full blown mess like it was in Green Bay. Some people (the real Cheeseheads that turned on Brett) are probably hoping that it does.

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