Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NFL Wrap Up 10-15-08

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys added another receiver to the mix with the addition of Roy Williams from Detroit. The price tag, however, is alarming. They are paying Williams $9M a year, which happens to be the same amount that they are paying T.O. I'm thinking that the Cowboys are still in trouble this year with the loss of Romo for 4 weeks and probably the loss of Adam 'Pacman' Jones for the year (if not longer). Jerry Jones' luck may have run out on him with the Pacman deal, but it seems his wallet is still big enough.

Washington Redskins - With Ladell Betts out for a few weeks with a sprained knee the Redskins are taking a flyer on former Seattle running back, Shaun Alexander. Alexander has been without a team since April and supposedly is in good enough shape to play this weekend. Alexander will back up Clinton Portis until Betts returns. What are the Redskins going to do then?

Atlanta Falcons - Well at least Arthur Blank doesn't hold grudges. Blank was on record saying that he hopes that imprisoned Michael Vick gets an opportunity to play in the NFL again. Matt Ryan, are your days numbered? No. Blank also discussed that Vick won't have the option of joining the Atlanta Falcons, but Blank sees that he could make a difference on one of the other reams in the league.

Kansas City Chiefs - This is not how you treat your best player. Tony Gonzalez asked to be traded from the woeful Chiefs and supposedly the Chiefs tried, but nevertheless Gonzalez is back at practice with the Chiefs today. They owed it to this stand up guy to give him a chance to win on a contender before his career is over. The Chiefs team today is far far away from even contending. I feel for you Tony.

NFL - The rumblings in some arenas about a possible candidate for the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association is none other than our current Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Rice made it known that she would like to be Commissioner of the NFL back in 2002 in an interview with Mike Freeman. Maybe the Players Association gig would be a good stepping stone for her.
(**going a little political here - I always thought that John McCain would have served himself and the Republicans much better by choosing Condi for his VP. This would have made this election much closer than I expect it to be with his choice of Tina Fey, I mean Sarah Palin. A big swing and a miss for McCain. - **now back to sports)

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