Thursday, October 16, 2008

NFL Matchup Week 7

Why do I continue to do this? I know, it's the love of the game and random chance that I may pick every game correctly at least one week, right? Well, we're almost at the halfway point and we have some good games coming up this week. Lots of questions about some of the stars in the league and injuries always play a big role. On to the picks.

San Diego @ Buffalo - This should be a very interesting game. Buffalo (4-1) is coming off a bye, while San Diego (3-3) is coming off of destroying the Patriots. The Bills are trying to establish themselves as a power in the AFC while they have to be concerned with starting Trent Edwards this week after a concussion. The Chargers are fighting an up hill battle to make the playoffs and to right their ship at the halfway point. I soooo want to pick the Bills in this game because it's at home, but I can't. The Chargers haven't even given me anything to make me want to pick them, but I gotta go with my gut. Winner - Chargers.

Minnesota @ Chicago - I would say that this game ought to be fun but I think that each team leaves you wanting. The Vikings have got to get AP 'on'. He hasn't had a great game yet this year and this is the team that he tore off 200+ yards against last year. The Bears have just been inconsistent, losing to the Falcons, but beating the Eagles and the Colts. The Bears offense seems to be clicking but the defense is a step slow this year. The Bears aren't going to let AP get off on them again, especially at home. Winner - Bears.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati - Carson Palmer is out again and he was visiting the Mets doctors last week while in NY, Ocho Cinco says that he is being punished by the team and they aren't calling his number during games, none of these are good things. The Steelers come in a little banged up with Willie Parker reinjuring his knee, but I think the Steelers defense should be ready to dominate Ryan Fitzpatrick, even while in Cincy. Winner - Steelers.

Tennessee @ Kansas City - With LJ out for whatever reasons, I just don't even see this being a contest (every time I've said this the worst team wins, bet on KC). The Titans are coming off a bye and they normally don't lose when that happens. Winner - Titans.

Dallas @St. Louis - This is a big game for the Cowboys. All of the drama that they have been through over the past week will need to be forgotten. The Rams came into Washington last week and shocked the Redskins, but the Cowboys can't let that happen or any hopes they have of making the Super Bowl will come down to a travel agent. Will Romo play is the big question, but the other question is are there enough balls for TO and Roy Williams? Winner - Cowboys.

Baltimore @ Miami - Just what your rookie QB Joe Flacco needs, the head coach dumping on this week's opponent. Jim Harbaugh, in an effort to stand with his offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron (formerly the head coach of the 1-15 Dolphins), basically said the Dolphins didn't have a lot of talent and that 1-15 record was about as good as anyone could have done with that team. Well, we know that no other bulletin board material needs to be put up. I'm actually going with the fired up team. Winner - Dolphins.

San Francisco @ New York Giants - After laying an egg against the Browns, I expect the real Giants to show up. San Fran had been riding a wave, but it all crashed down on them. The Giants should dominate and make a statement. If they don't, they should just be happy with getting rings last year. Winner - Giants.

New Orleans @ Carolina - The movable object meets the immovable force. Drew Brees is on track to catch Dan Marino for most yards in a season and he comes up against this good/great Panther D. The difference in this game will be the Saints defense or lack thereof. Let's go for the hometown favorites. Winner - Panthers.

Detroit @ Houston - Who really wants to watch this game unless your a Texans fan? i doubt anyone in Detroit would even be remotely interested. Houston has played tough and may be turning that corner as they learn how to win games. Yes they won to a hapless Dolphin team last week, but hey the Dolphins have been giant killers lately. Gotta go with the home team on this one. Winner - Texans.

New York Jets @ Oakland - Brett Favre already talking retirement. That's code for give me a breather Mangini. He should get one with the Jets pounding the ball with Thomas Jones. Oakland has played decently as of late, OK, I tried to sneak that one in there. The Raiders should put up some points, but never contend. Winner - Jets.

Indianapolis @ Green Bay - Peyton Manning will really get a chance to test out his knee in some cold weather. There won't be snow, but the forecast should be colder than that new stadium they play in. The Packers running game is hurting while their QB and their defense seem to carry the team. Indianapolis went lights out against the Ravens last week, although they did lose Joseph Addai with a partially torn hammy. Look for my main man, Dominic Rhodes, to get all of the carries and the Colts start winning some more games. Winner - Colts.

Cleveland @ Washington - One team comes off of an embarrassing loss, the other comes off of a win that few expected. Which one is ready to play this game? Derek Anderson looked great against a Giants defense on Monday night while the Redskins lost to the lowly Rams. I expect the Redskins to be fired up and come out of the gate with more intensity. Even in their loss, Clinton Portis had 100+ yards and some TDs. Maybe Shaun Alexander gets some tick this week as a backup. Winner - Redskins.

Seattle @ Tampa Bay - Another butt whuppin waiting to happen. The Bucs defense has played brilliantly all season and they come up against a hurting Seahawks team. The Seahawks have to travel accross country, but at least this is the late game on Sunday night. Garcia is back at the helm for the Bucs and I think they take this one home, well they win at home and stay atop the NFC South. Winner - Bucs.

Denver @ New England - With all of these wide receivers using their mouths more than their hands (TO, Ocho Cinco, etc.) there's one person absent from all of the talking, Randy Moss. I expect that to end after this game. The Pats have a decent defense but their offense lacks spark when Brady is sitting at home in a knee brace. Matt Cassell isn't the answer and Moss knows he doesn't have too many more chances to get that ring, since this year is already over. Moss normally gets shut down by Champ Bailey in these affairs, so I imagine that this will continue on Monday night. Winner - Broncos.

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