Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NFL Wrap Up 10-21-08

New York Jets - More Favre stuff, why would I be any different from anyone else? Supposedly Senior Favre spent some of his time with the Detroit Lions coaches educating them on some of the Packers' offensive strategy. Now that would definitely go a long way in endearing his legacy with the Packers, don't you think? This whole story has been a little hush hush, but has been reported by Jay Glazer of FoxSports. Where there's smoke, sometimes there's fire. Jay Glazer is normally spot on.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Matt Jones has been suspended 3 games by the NFL for violating the NFL Substance Abuse policy. Didn't this guy get off light? I mean I like Matt Jones for what he brings to the football field, but dude was caught with cocaine on his credit card (no, at least he didn't charge it). He entered a drug intervention program in order to avoid a felony cocaine possession charge. Somewhere Pacman Jones is mad at the world, cause he never did any drugs (well, alcohol is a drug, let's say illegal drugs).

San Francisco 49ers - Mike Nolan out (hey, at least he looked good in that Reebok suit) and Mike Singletary in. This, at worst, is a shot in the arm for a once proud organization. Singletary is capable of being a good head coach and now he has a chance to prove it. We know that the 49ers will be fired up, whether they play well will still be a question.

Kansas City Chiefs - With LJ in more hot water, or at least a warm drink, the Chiefs are looking for a quarterback and have inquired with recently retired Duante Culpepper. I'm thinking Culpepper would have jumped at this opportunity. A decent offensive line (although beat up), a good/great RB (unless he gets hit under the NFL Personal Conduct policy), and no competition sounds great. Culpepper shrugged this off, but part of me thinks it'll be the money that brings him back. If the Chiefs or anyone else become that desperate, we'll see Culpepper in someone's uniform again.

New England Patriots - For those that saw the Patriots destroy the Broncos last night and saw Rodney Harrison get hurt, you may have seen him play his last game. Harrison is done for the year and being 36 doesn't help you heal faster. Word is also on the street that John Lynch has been called to fill in for Harrison if a deal can be made.

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