Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome New York State of Mind

With the NBA season nearing, I have to introduce the one of my partners in crime here at Melting Pot Thoughts. All of the great sites have their guys that do the down and dirty of going through stats, and I am introducing my 'Stat Guy' to the world. His name is New York State Of Mind (NYSTOM), so please welcome him with all of the fervor you would any great statistician. (crickets, crickets)

NYSTOM is jumping into this with both feet and he's jumping into the deep end. He has put together his NYSTOM Player Movement™ chart that lists all of the guys that have changed teams from last year and their new teams this year along with their points per game averages.

His next piece of work, which will definitely cause a lot of discussion, is his NYSTOM Top Ranked Player Index™. He has all these secret formulas that he puts together and then it spits this out. I think he picks them out of the air, but I trust him to be able to backup everything that he posts. So without further ado, please enjoy. As always, feel free to comment, and often. Here are his Top Ranked Players (1-49) for the pre-season.

The players with the total closest to 200 qualify as the best in the top ranked players as of any moment. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Who is their right mind would have Gerald Green on the top of any list unless if was busts list?

NYSTOM said...

Ball don't lie, and stats don't lie. This is a numbers game, and due is averaging 13 points per game in 13 minutes per game, and shooting 62 percent from the field.

Two things to keep in mind: 1) it's only seven games and 2) it's the preseason.

If after 35 or so games of the regular season Gerald Green was still somehow #2 on the list, we could be surprised, but rest assured that he would deserve it if he were in that spot at that point in the season.

AverageBro said...

Ditto. Gerald Green might not even make the Mavs rotation. Come on, man.

NYSTOM said...

I would have agreed with you after his first couple of pre-season games, but now I'm not so sure that he can't make the squad. Remember how happy the Celtics were to get him a couple of years ago?

I know, I know.......they dumped him, as have a couple of other teams since then. But he's got some talent in that skinny frame.

All I'm saying is that if dude averaged a point a game over a sustained period of time, and made over 60 percent of his shots while doing it, he'd get noticed. Think Cedric Ceballos.