Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NFL Wrap Up 10-22-08

New York Jets - As usual more Favre. This story is heating up as the original source of the story, Jay Glazer, is now in a heated back and forth between the World Wide Leader, ESPN, over the validity of the Brett Favre giving Packers secrets to the Detroit Lions prior to their Week 2 game. You can go to this site to hear Favre's press conference and listen to what he says (you'll need real player to listen). Others have piped in on this story like Charles Woodson, who told the press that if it's true that doing that isn't honorable. He said it's one thing for the Lions to have called him, but an entirely different thing if Brett called the Lions. I would say that ESPN would cover this, but I'm not so sure now. Check out Jay Glazer on FoxSports. Stay tuned.

Baltimore Ravens - Bounty or No Bounty? I'm not talking paper towels here, but maybe a Terrible Towel might do the trick. Fresh off of Hines Ward's hit on rookie linebacker Keith Rivers that ended his season, the Ravens' Terrell Suggs on the 2 Live Stews show where Suggs admits that there is a bounty on Hines Ward. Suggs mentioned that Ward always does a little 'cheap shot', legal but cheap. Ward seems to have a knack for knocking defensive players around a little when they aren't looking. Suggs also mentioned that there was a bounty on Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall prior to their last game with Pittsburgh. All of this sounds like the league will get involved somehow, but the Ravens and Suggs have already backtracked on these comments. The two teams meet again on December 14th. There will be fireworks.

Cleveland Browns - The Browns have suspended Kellen Winslow for 1 game for Conduct Detrimental to the team. Winslow had been in an area hospital for a few days last week for a mysterious illness. Winslow asserts that the team knew why he was in the hospital but told him to keep it quiet because his affliction was a staph infection, which seems to be hitting the Browns hard (6 cases over the last 3 years). This marriage seems set for a divorce probably at season's end due to the back and forth nature of who said what and the fact that the Browns quietly shopped Winslow prior to the trading deadline.

Kansas City Chiefs - Another day or two in the twisting turns of Larry Johnson. It seems the Chiefs are expecting the NFL to suspend the running back based on his interactions at night clubs, but if the NFL won't, it seems the team will. LJ looks to be sat/benched, not suspended, again this week for the Chiefs game against Jets. Note to Herm Edwards: I can be hired to drive LJ around and keep him out of the clubs, call me.

Denver Broncos - Two the Hard Way. Not only did the Broncos lose to the Patriots last Monday, they also lost two players, two brothers. Champ Bailey tore his groin muscle and will be out of the lineup for 4 - 6 weeks. His brother, Boss Bailey is having microfracture surgery and will miss the remainder of the year. That Denver defense was already showing signs of being a sieve, and it just got worse.

Philadelphia Eagles - Shawn Andrews has undergone surgery to repair a problem with his back. I expect Andrews to be put on IR and done for this season. The Eagles will probably move forward with Max-Jean Giles for now.

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