Friday, October 24, 2008

NFL Matchup Week 8

Back to the predicting. I'm 62-40 for the season so far. Not bad compared to some. It's week 8, my Fantasy team is 2-5 (I will have to post an updated Fantasy Football entry soon), and I need a drank. Let's see what's on tap for this week as we head into the half way mark.

Tampa Bay @ Dallas - Talk about starting with the game of the week. This is it. The Cowboys season on the brink. They get one of the better defenses in the league coming to town and they don't have their starting QB for at least another 2 weeks. I just don't see this turning out to well, unless someone calling the offensive plays for Dallas gives Marion Barber 30+ carries. The best way to help a young (or old in this case) QB is to give him a running game. So my advice for Dallas is to make sure Barber rests up today and tomorrow because he'll be carrying a big load on Sunday. This pick is tough. the Cowboys could win, but I just don't think that they will. Winners - Bucs.

Washington @ Detroit - The Redskins need this win badly to stay ahead of the pack since their division will be rather hard fought this year. Detroit shouldn't give them any problems, but as we have seen in the past few weeks, that's why they play the games. Winner - Redskins.

Buffalo @ Miami - This ought to be a good game. The Bills are getting hit with injuries in on their defense, but their offense seemed in sync last week with Trent Edwards back in the saddle after his concussion. Miami always has wrinkles in their game plan from an offensive standpoint and that may give the Bills some issues. I expect a big game from Marshawn Lynch and the Bills to come out on top. Winner - Bills.

St. Louis @ New England - After destroying the Broncos last week, the Patriots get the Rams in New England. Quietly the Patriots are 4-2 and are putting together a nice season without the injured Tom Brady. The Rams have shown fight, most recently by beating the Cowboys and I expect this game to be closer than some may think. I gotta go with the home team on this one though. There's just something about playing in Foxboro that doesn't bode well for the Rams. Winner - Patriots.

San Diego @ New Orleans - Both teams come in with lots of injuries. Is this finally the game that we see the real LT for the first time this season? Drew Brees had a terrible day against the Panthers last week and I look for him to rebound. The Chargers offensive line has got to step up and give Rivers, LT, Gates, and the rest of that team time to do what they do best, score. Look for this game to be a shootout. Winner - Chargers.

Kansas City @ New York Jets - With LJ out again this week and the Chiefs starting (who is their starting QB?) whomever at the QB spot, I don't imagine that this will be an entertaining game unless you're a Jets fan. The Jets have a lot of making up to do with their fans after that 'L' they took against the sorry Raiders. It's time for Brett Favre to escape all of this talk about him giving away secrets and play well this week. Winner - Jets.

Atlanta @ Philadelphia - The Falcons are quietly having a decent season with a rookie QB, but I expect this game to be a big test for Matt Ryan. The Eagles defense will cause a lot of problems for the Falcons and on the offensive side of the ball, Donovan McNabb and (hopefully) Westbrook will give the Falcons defense fits. This is at the 'Linc' and the Eagles should dominate. Winner - Eagles.

Oakland @ Baltimore - The Ravens are 3-3 and they get a gift of the Raiders at home. The Ravens defense has played well all year (minus that one game against the Colts) and Oakland isn't ready for prime time yet. The Raiders are playing hard for their new coach, Tom Cable, but the Ravens don't give up a lot of yards on the ground and they are a tough out. Terrell Suggs has been the centerpiece of the Ravens this week by discussing the 'bounty' that the Ravens had on some of the Steelers and the fact that he is behind Troy Smith being the starting QB on their team. Let's see if Suggs is mad enough over the heat he caught this week to do some damage. Winner - Ravens.

Arizona @ Carolina - The Panthers put on a clinic last week and hope to do a lot of the same this week when the Cardinals come to town. The Panthers offense is clicking with both running backs being effective and Jake Delhomme playing great after Tommy John surgery last year. the Cardinals come in with hopes of having Anquan Boldin back in the lineup after he recovered from a fractured sinus. The Cardinals have been able to put up points even without Boldin in the lineup, but I think the Panthers defense will put s stop to that. Winner - Panthers.

Cleveland @ Jacksonville - The only thing that has been going on in Cleveland is staph infection. It also seems that the NFL will be looking into this. Nevertheless, the Browns come in after a disappointing showing against the Redskins ( a game they should have won) and they look forward to taking it to the Jaguars. The Jaguars are a solid team but may be without Matt Jones if he doesn't appeal his suspension. Cleveland couldn't hold Clinton Portis last week and I think they have their hands filled with Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. Winner - Jaguars.

Cincinnati @ Houston - With many Bengals season ticket holders putting their tickets out for sale, below face value, the Bengals may enjoy playing on the road a little more. Now they get the Texans who have quietly played well as of late. The Texans are sporting a 2-4 record but both Jacksonville and Indianapolis are 3-3, not bad. Andre Johnson is a beast at receiver and will continue against an average Bengals secondary. Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to start again in place of the injured (and out for the year, why don't they just go ahead and say that?) Carson Palmer. Things haven't looked good for the Bengals all year long and I don't expect them to get any better. Winner - Houston.

New York Giants @ Pittsburgh - The next 'Game of the Week' brings the might Giants of New York to Pittsburgh and the #1 defense in football. The Steelers are still banged up at the RB position and I don't think that Mewelde Moore has a good game against an equally impressive Giants defense. If Big Ben can get the ball in the air without getting hit too often, the Steelers have a chance. Santonio Holmes may have problems playing in this game since his mind is obviously elsewhere. Otherwise, look for Eli, Brandon Jacobs, and Plaxico to make all of the highlights. Winner - Giants.

Seattle @ San Francisco - The first game under the Mike Singletary regime and they get a gift of a wounded Seahawks team. This game should allow the 49ers to get a win if they can keep JT O'Sullivan locked in to this game. He has to be the key to this machine. Frank Gore should play well while the 49ers defense will, and I guarantee this, will knock someone out of this game. Winner - 49ers.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - Peyton Manning gave us pause last week as he played a game without throwing for a TD. Next up, the Titans defense which has put the clamps on just about everyone. The Colts aren't ready for this game, at least in my mind and the Titans have be winning with defense and two running backs pounding the ball. The Colts defense up front is too small to stop LenDale White, so I imagine that this gets out of hand pretty quickly. Winner - Titans.

So those are my picks. I get to change them if I see something prior to game time, but I think I'll stick with these.

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