Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA Round Up 10-29-08

Golden State Warriors - It's official, Al Harrington wants to be traded. He is tired of Nellie and wants a new address. Supposedly his agent is already trying to find a new place for him to land. In my mind, the Warriors can't get rid of this guy unless they get some production back. Al is 6'9", a big body, and he can score. The Warriors are without a lot of those qualities, mostly size, if they get rid of him. It's hard to fathom a trade this early in the season, but we'll have to watch this one.

Atlanta Hawks - Mike Bibby is in the last year of his contract and if things go as they normally go in the ATL, he'll be traded by the deadline if the Hawks aren't winning. Bibby feels that he'll be in the ATL this year and going forward, but I doubt he's still around after the All Star break. The Hawks aren't talking new contract with Bibby yet either.

Denver Nuggets - Linas Kleiza is hoping that his new contract will be completed soon. The Nuggets, in my mind, have to pay this guy because who else do they have? Look for a multi year deal coming at a little more than the mid level. The Nuggets are also considering picking up the option on newly acquired Renaldo Balkman.

Detroit Pistons - Jason Maxiell has declined a 4 year deal for $20M from the Pistons. He'll be an unrestricted free agent at the years end. I've said it before, Detroit can't let this guy go. Joe Dumars, up that offer to about $7M a year (at least $6.5M) and you'll get him.

Los Angeles Lakers - $85M is the number. That's what the Bynum camp is expecting for the Lakers center, Andrew Bynum, to resign with them. I guess that's the going rate for a young, agile, decent, 7 footer in the NBA. Someone from the Lakers will have to go if they pay Bynum that money. Plus the question is, is he worth it?

Golden State Warriors - Monta Ellis is filing a grievance with his present employer. The Warriors have suspended Ellis for 30 games, but they have also told him that if he doesn't come back as the Monta Ellis of old, they still hold the option of terminating his contract. Well, that's not exactly right. The team has the option of either suspending him (which they have done) OR terminating his contract, but not both. This is not the type of relationship you want to have with your franchise player.

San Antonio Spurs - New digs. The Spurs are no longer flying Champion Air and have now (the NBA) signed a 10 year deal with Northwest Airlines as their airline of choice (there are 15 other teams who have done the same). What happened to the NBA and Southwest Airlines?

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