Thursday, October 02, 2008

Young Decisions

Vince Young is back on the practice field for the Tennessee Titans. Jeff Fisher has said that he is happy with where Young is mentally and physically. That is the biggest question about all of this. I'm not sure how you go from, I was worried about Vince's mental state and his ability to lead, and the fact that he'll have to earn his starting spot back, to we love Vince and we want him running the Titans.

The trick here is that Kerry Collins is now the starter. The Titans have been playing well and winning and Collins is a free agent at the end of the 2008 season. Collins has made it clear that he wants to start and the winning that their doing now helps his argument. Collins would entertain doing an extension now if he could be promised that he would be competing for the starting position.

We all know that Vince is fragile right now, so any pressure put on him may actually break him. So the Titans will need to either find a way to let him walk out that door (money/bonus in hand) or get some mental toughness classes over the summer. Jeff Fisher is one to make these hard decisions and when you really look at it, they have no other choice but to pay Collins and draft a QB next year. But hey, I don't run the team, we'll see what happens.

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