Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA 2008 - 2009 Opening Night

It was good to finally get the NBA season kicked off last night. It's been a long time coming and it started with a bang. There were only 3 games last night, but each had it's ups and downs. All in all, a great way to start the season off.

Milwaukee @ Chicago -The Bulls open their season by welcoming their former coach, Scott Skiles, and his new time to the United Center. It was fan appreciation night, so all of the hoopla was brought out last night. The Bulls unveiled their #1 Draft pick Derrick Rose and he didn't disappoint. Rose and the rest of the Bulls shared the ball all night long and ended up beating the visiting Bucks. I thought Ben Gordon was going to get beat up last night by the fans because he came out going 0-5, but he righted that ship in the second half, finishing 6-12, for 18 points. Michael Redd probably never hoped that the summer would have ended because of the talent he was playing with at the Olympics, but you could see that he was the only bright spot for the Bucks last night as he ended the game with 30 points. Rose's final stat line was 11pts, 9 asts, 4 rebs, and 4 turnovers. Not a bad night at work for the rookie. Luol Deng paced the Bulls with 21. Vinny DelNegro is 1-0. Quit now Vinny, and you can say that you've never lost a game that you've coached. The Celtics are up next for the Bulls. Looks like they are staring 1-1 in the face. The Bucks get some (OKC) Thunder tonight.

Cleveland @ Boston - This is what they've waited for all summer. While it seemed the rest of the upper echelon of the NBA was off playing for a gold medal, the Celtics' Big Three were at home waiting for this, the banner raising ceremony. As we all knew, Paul Pierce needed about 12 boxes of Kleenex, and everyone was happy to show off their new $30K ice. The Celtics followed the ceremony up with a close win against the Cavs. LeBron was his normal self, although I think he is jumping higher this year (did you see those dunks? here's one. recap of the game brought to you by Mo Williams, played decently, but it'll take time for that combo to be well oiled. Ben Wallace looked about 40 something out there and that's not good since this is the first game of the season. The Cavs start out 0-1, but I expect that these two teams will see each other again in the playoffs. I hope that the Cavs have their game in order. The Cavs host the Bobcats on Thursday, and the Celtics host the Bulls on Halloween.

Portland @ Los Angeles Lakers - Well, the Lakers have been waiting for this all summer, the return of Andrew Bynum. The Lakers want to make sure that Bynum is back and healthy since a) he's up for some big money this summer and b) they need him to add some much need oomph in the paint for them. This game wasn't a pretty one, but Bynum made it through. No mind blowing stats of yet, but you could see that he was finding his way last night. The Blazers on the other hand looked outmatched for most of the night. Kobe took the challenge of guarding Brandon Roy and he shut him down. Greg Oden, playing his first game of any NBA season seemed very nervous and anxious, all of which we could understand. Then the unthinkable happened and Oden twisted an ankle and left the game. You have to hope that this is just an ankle sprain (and all the reports are saying just that), because the Blazers need Oden if their going to build on what they did last season. Let's hope the big guy gets back in the lineup soon. Kobe led the team with 23 pts, 11 rebs, and 5 asts. The Lakers face the Clippers tonight while the Blazers face the Spurs on Halloween.

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