Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NBA Round Up 10-21-08

Boston Celtics - Time has ticked out for Darius Miles as he was cut by the Celtics today. Miles' chances of playing in the NBA again seem to be slimmer than ever. The champagne corks you heard pop came from Portland, seeing as Miles won't negatively impact their salary cap.

New York Knicks - Is Duhon the answer? The Knicks seem pretty pleased with the work that, newly acquired point guard, Chris Duhon is doing and they may even be considering making him one of the captains of their squad. That either says a lot about Duhon or a lot about the Knicks. With that said, the Knicks are going to give Stephon Marbury a chance at starting tonight against the Celtics.

Denver Nuggets - With the injury to Steven Hunter, keeping Juwan Howard may be very important to the Nuggets. Howard hasn't played much during the preseason and didn't get any run last night. His saving grace may be that he's 6'9" and has more than a pulse left in his body. (Note to self - have tall kids, somehow, someway).

Golden State Warriors - Who would have thunk it? Former Duke Blue Devil, DeMarcus Nelson, has impressed during training camp and may end up making the team. The big disappointment has been Marcus Williams' play. He hasn't caught on as quick as most would have hoped and really isn't showing that he can run the show with the absence of Baron Davis (trade) and Monta Ellis (injury) being out. Things don't get any better with the waiving of Dan Dickau either.

Minnesota Timberwolves - I thought the NFL meant 'Not For Long', but David Harrison may not be a Timberwolve for long. Harrison signed with the Timberwolves about two weeks ago, but now they have 18 players under contract with the deadline of October 27, 5pm looming (that's the cut day to get your roster to 15 players). Calvin Booth could be bought out (he has a $1.14M contract) and then it'll come down to Kevin Ollie, Blake Ahearn, or Harrison. Harrison, in my estimation will make the cut, because you can't teach size.

Utah Jazz - The MRI on Deron Williams ailing ankle didn't reveal any significant damage. That loud sigh you heard was Kevin O'Connor. The Jazz may want to keep Williams off that ankle until the real season starts so that they have a chance in the West this year. For now, Williams will be out for 2 weeks. No Deron, means no shot.

Detroit Pistons - Jason Maxiell has left the 3 year $15M deal on the table and will play out the season, but become an unrestricted free agent at the years end. This may come back to haunt the Pistons because they can't afford to let this guy go. They already lost some of their depth with Theo Ratliff returning to the Sixers and Sheik Samb showing that he isn't quite ready yet.

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