Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can A Brotha Borrow Your Cell Phone?

Plaxico Burress, no longer called Plexiglass, is in trouble again. This guy helped the Giants get their Superbowl victory last year but came to camp pissed because he didn't get a new deal done. He was rehabbing his ankle and finally the team decided that maybe we need this guy, so the Giants put together a deal that would make Burress a $7M wide reciever for the next 5 years and providing him with $11M guaranteed for this year. The deal was signed hours before the opening game of the season where the Giants dismantled the Washington Redskins (score wasn't indicative of the domination, it wasn't even close). Burress had a monster game of 10 catches for 133 yards. So from here, things seem great, right? No, Burress decided to not show up for work on Monday without notice (try doing that at your job). There were supposedly several calls made and none were returned by Burress. When he arrived at work yesterday, his excuse wasn't acceptable to the Giants, so they are suspending him 2 weeks. Something has to be going on here. Burress is one of your best players and you suspend him for two weeks. Supposedly Burress couldn't get in touch with the team because he didn't have a cell phone on him. The two week suspension is going to cost him $235K. I have to believe that Burress could have found one of those throw away phones and paid for at least $100 worth of minutes to notify his employer that he wasn't going to be at work. Better that, than the $235K fine. What was he thinking? Something doesn't smell right though. We'll see what other information comes in.

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