Monday, September 22, 2008

NFL Week 3 Wrap Up

Another week, more games that went south for me. I got a chance to see a lot of the games this week and I was just caught in one of those moments like, what in the world could they have been thinking. Let's check out the results:
Kansas City @ Atlanta - Michael Turner thought this was week 1 all over again and torched the Chiefs for 3 TDs. This one was never close. Matt Ryan looked efficient, and even the Chiefs Larry Johnson got his carries and had a decent game. This is what the Chiefs season is going to look like for the rest of the year. Inquisitive Mind 1-0 for the week.

Oakland @ Buffalo - How do you tell the rest of the league that you are for real? It's definitely not by playing the way the Bills did on Sunday. They almost, barring a good 2nd half comeback, lost to the Raiders. I mean that team that who as of earlier this morning may not have a head coach. Marshawn Lynch did his job and ran tough. Trent Edwards looked good, but they can't come out complacent again. It's hard to come from behind. Inquisitive Mind 2-0 for the week.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago - This is where it all started to go crazy. Brian Griese comes in and leads the Bucs to a win over the Bears by getting lucky and driving the Bucs down the field in regulation for the tie and then for the game winning field goal. The Bears missed Devin Hester (field position) but their Achilles heel was their, (gulp) defense. Not only did they let Griese get 67 attempts (38 of 67 for 407 yards and 2 TDs), but they didn't sack him once yesterday. The D couldn't get stops on 3rd down (when it counted) and ended up providing a costly penalty during overtime that allowed the Bucs to stay on the field. Orton didn't play that badly despite the 2 INTs, and Forte played well. Lovie has to get his boys together on D. When's the last time anyone in Chicago has had to do that? Inquisitive Mind 3-0 for the week.

Houston @ Tennessee - The Titans pretty much handled this one from the start and coasted to victory. The highlight from the Texans was Steve Slaton getting in 116 yards on 18 carries and scoring his first NFL touchdown. Inquisitive Mind 4-0 for the week.

Carolina @ Minnesota - Huh?!?! I guess the addition of Steve Smith, from suspension, back onto the team didn't give the Panthers any 'punch' (pun intended). The Panthers started off hot and put up 10 points on the Vikings, but the Viking D said enough is enough. They locked down the Panthers for the next 43 minutes. Smith did lead the Panthers with 70 yards receiving, but the Vikings slowed the pace and got a decent game (his first start this year) from Gus Frerotte (16 of 28 for 204 and 1 TD). Carolina was supposed to dominate this game. They may think about this loss later in the year, when those games that you let get away matter. Inquisitive Mind 4-1 for the week.

Miami @ New England - I still can't believe that this happened. I doubt Ronnie Brown will have 5 TDs for the rest of the year. The Dolphins came out and ran some college offensive sets with Ronnie Brown as the QB. No I don't think the Pats are that good without Tom Brady, but I never would have thought that they would have been that bad to lose to the Dolphins by 25. This put a bad wrinkle in everyone's weekend, unless you're a Dolphins fan. Inquisitive Mind 4-2 for the week.

Cincinnati @ New York Giants - The Giants fell asleep at the wheel. They were up on the Bengals and should have run away, but the Bengals showed some fight. They came back and forced overtime, but after Amani Toomer's amazing catch and the subsequent field goal by John Carney, the Giants escaped. Carson Palmer finally showed a pulse, 27 of 29 for 286 yards and 1 TD, while TJ Houshmandzadeh led the team with 12 receptions for 146 yards and 1 TD. Who needs Ocho Cinco? Inquisitive Mind 5-2 for the week.

Arizona @ Washington - I thought this would have been a shoot out, but boy was I wrong. The Redskins looked like a veteran team that plans on playing long into the season. Jason Campbell had a good day while the Cardinals gave the ball away twice which ended up being their downfall. This makes me think the Redskins are for real. Inquisitive Mind 5-3 for the week.

Detroit @ San Francisco - The 49ers dominated this game in every phase, JT O'Sullivan in air, Frank Gore on the ground, and the 49ers D took advantage of the Lions. Ernie Sims did have 13 tackles for the Lions, but that's either him having his nose in on every defensive play or he was on the field alot, unfortunately, he was just on the field alot. Inquisitive Mind 6-3 for the week.

St. Louis @ Seattle - It's great that the Seahawks were able to take the week off and just practice this week against the Rams. No one got hurt and everyone looked good, especially Julius Jones who had 140 yards on 22 carries and a TD. Does anyone feel sorry for the Rams? Inquisitive Mind 7-3 for the week.

New Orleans @ Denver - Well this was a blowout until Denver decided to stop playing. The Broncos went up early and then held on for a win. Drew Brees looked great while throwing for over 400 yards and the Saints were able to contain Eddie Royal to 11 yards on 4 receptions. Enjoyable game to watch, but Denver got lucky that the clock ran out. Inquisitive Mind 8-3 for the week.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia - This was an amazing game as the Eagles D turned Ben Roethlisberger into 'Senior Pinata' by getting to him 9 times. He would end up leaving the game. On the Eagles side of the ball, this win was tainted by the fact that both McNabb and Westbrook were hurt. I said this was an injury alert game for Donovan. The Eagles won't look as good with those two out of the lineup for long. Inquisitive Mind 9-3 for the week.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis - What the $#(*$? I mean the Colts get Saturday back and they are going up against a team with no offensive line. The Colts D gave up 236 yards on the ground. I know they are small but damn, get a stop. Add Mannings 2 INTs in a close game and we have the outcome, Jaguars winning 23-21. The Colts are obviously not on their game, and they look sad right now. The Jaguars may have just saved their season. Inquisitive Mind 9-4 for the week.

Cleveland @ Baltimore - Baltimore got behind early, but shut down the Browns after halftime. This close game turned into a butt whuppin with the Ravens D applying the whuppin. Flacco didn't look terribly good this game, but I like what he's giving the Ravens. The Browns are 0-3 and I think officially done for the year. They will be a playoff spoiler for some team by keeping them out of the playoffs. Inquisitive Mind 10-4 for the week.

Dallas @ Green Bay - This ended up being Aaron Rodger's first loss as a starter, but he played pretty well, 22 of 39 for 290. The Cowboy D did their job by stepping up, and Marion Barber did his job of stepping on, over, and through the Packers D for 142 yards and a TD. This puts the Cowboys in the lead for the NFC with a 3-0 record and they are still odds on favorites to win it all. Inquisitive Mind 11-4 for the week.

Well, that's not a bad week, but I still have the J-E-T-S-Jets-Jets-Jets winning tonight against the Chargers. We'll see if we can go 12-4 for the week.

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