Monday, September 29, 2008

NBA round Up 9-29-08

Chicago Bulls - Still unable to work out a deal with the Bulls, it looks like Ben Gordon will be reporting to training camp and signing the one year tender offer (approximately $6.4M) and be an unrestricted free agent next year. This seems like Gordon's only chance to make this kind of money. The Bulls still have the original deal, around 5 years and $50M, still on the table, but Gordon wants closer to the $80M Deng got. I guess as an unrestricted free agent, Ben will really see what he's worth.

Los Angeles Clippers - If you don't want to play for the Clippers you don't have to retire. Jason Williams has done just that (not sure if that was the reason on his knees were). Williams has retired from basketball after signing a one year deal with the Clippers in August. Seems like the Clips will be trying to make Eric Gordon a backup point guard, a mistake if you ask me. It was nice watching you play Jason, enjoy retired life (at the ripe age of 32, man I'm in the wrong business).

Houston Rockets - Fresh off of keeping Carl Landry the Rockets ink yet another big. This time it's Joey Dorsey, formerly of Memphis, who gets a 4 year deal at $3.5M. The last two years of the deal are team option, so he's got a gig for 2 years. If this guy plays like the player he closely resembles, a young Ben Wallace, the Rockets got a steal.

Indiana Pacers - Danny Granger still doesn't have a deal done yet, but according to Larry Bird, Granger need not worry. The process is slow going, but Bird is sure that the deal will get done. Bird can't let this guy get away. With the roster they have, Granger is one of the guys that can put fear in other teams.

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