Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jets Out of Gas in San Diego

It finally happened. No last second chances for an opponent, no defensive lapses, no mistakes (well not too many), and finally a win. All of this is what we expected from the Chargers this year, but it took till game 3 of the season before we see it happen. The Chargers started strong, minus an interception by Rivers that was returned for a touchdown, LT played great (first two TDs of the season) and Rivers played great (19-25 for 250 yards and 3 TDS, 1 Int). The Chargers D which looked like it was at a loss of getting to the QB once Shawn Merriman called it a season, actually showed up and played. Merriman's replacement, Jyles tucker, had 6 tackles to go along with 2 sacks. Antonio Cromartie had 9 tackles to go along with his interception return for a TD. All in all, a pretty dominate performance with the final score being 48 to 29. Now the Jets, in my mind, at least have something to smile about. It seemed that Brett and his receivers got a little more comfortable with each other. Since this was a blow out, the Jets passed the majority of the second half which ended up with Favre taking 42 attempts (30-42 for 271 yards, 3TDs and 2 Ints), but he started finding guys as he hit 7 different receivers. You normally don't want to take a butt whuppin like this, especially on Monday Night Football, but I think that this in one way will help the Jets going forward. I picked the Jets in a close one, but I ended the week going 11-5 with my picks.


HOF 2008???? said...

San Diego QB = Rivers

Big ups to our frat (S. Scott) for keeping it real with B. Favre. Yes he's thrown for a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns and started over 1,000,000 games in a row, but you're supposed to do that when you been in the league for 16+ years. Frat made sure to let everyone know that his INT to TD ratio is horrible and something that cannot be looked over. This is what Ted Thompson could see that the love struck Favre faithful couldn't....PICK 6!!! Thanks in no small part to his gross ineptness, the Jets got down early and couldn't climb out of it. I have to give props to Ted and the Packer management team for sticking to their guns and not letting this over-the-hill-attention-craver ruin their franchise. Git cho man Aaron!!!

Inquisitive Mind said...

@ hof2008????
Yes Favre held the organization hostage, but hey the great ones are allowed to do that in all sports. Rodgers has had success so far in this league (this year) but I am not sure that he is the answer for the Packers. We'll see. Brett played there for 15 years and gave them everything he had. You can't hate on him for that.