Sunday, September 28, 2008

NFL Week 4 Wrap Up

Good games all weekend. Lots of ups and downs to go with them. We'll see how I did.

Cleveland @Cincinnati - Don't I get a do over on this one because of Carson Palmer not playing? This was truly an ugly game. This was more of a soccer game (a lot of running around for not a lot of points). Ryan Fitzpatrick made his first start since 2005 and the rust was evident with his 21 of 35 for 156 yards, 1 TD, and 3 INTs. Chad Johnson got his first TD of the year and that was the highlight for the Bengals. Derek Anderson was able to keep his job for at least another week. Inquisitive Mind 0 - 1 for the week.
Minnesota @ Tennessee - The Titans were again led by their defense and they are probably the most interesting 4-0 team in the league. They have lost their starting star QB for an uncertain amount of time, but somehow they get it done each week. Kerry Collins was average (18 of 35 for 199) but the rookie running back, Chris Johnson, had two TD runs. Adrian Peterson was able to get his 80 yards and 2 TDs, but Gus Frerotte was hurt (cut hand) and Tavaris Jackson is now the starter again. Frerotte, you got hit fair and square, don't cry about it. Inquisitive Mind 0 -2 for the week.

Denver @ Kansas City - I see a pattern here. Every time I say a game is going to be an utter blowout, it goes the other way. I don't know if it's me or just karma. The Chiefs invited the Broncos in to Arrowhead and ate them alive. Larry Johnson got his 20+ carries (28) and 198 yards to go along with 2 TDs. The Chiefs D got 4 turnovers and that helped Damon Huard manage the game. Denver is only 3-1 but this was a not what anyone expected, not even the Chiefs. Inquisitive Mind 0 -3 for the week.

San Francisco @ New Orleans - The Saints D dominated from the beginning and didn't let the 49ers get on a roll. JT O'Sullivan accounted for the 3 turnovers from the 49ers (2 INTs, and 1 fumble) which the Saints converted into scores. Drew Brees went for 23 of 35 for 363 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. Duce McAllister returned and gave the Saints ground game some ooomph. Inquisitive Mind 0 -4 for the week.
Arizona @ New York Jets - Dayum! I'm already 0 -4 and then this happens. Brett Favre decides that he wants to show exactly how well connected he is with his receivers. Favre goes for 24 of 34 for 289 yards, 6 TDs and 1 INT. Favre connected with 8 different receivers and Laveraneus Coles 8 times for 105 yards and 3 of those TDs. Arizona never got out of the corner as the Jets pummeled them from the beginning, 34 - 0 at halftime. Other than the loss, the Cardinals got a scare when Anquan Boldin as carted off the field after getting hit in the head. Reports on him are coming in. Inquisitive Mind 0 - 5 for the week.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay - Finally a W for me. The Bucs D started this game strong and confused Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers for the entirety. Both Brian Griese and Aaron Rodgers threw 3 INTs but the biggest difference in the game is Tampa's D stopping the anemic running game of the Packers. What made this loss even worse for the Packers is that Rodgers may have a separated shoulder. Who's his backup? Prayers go out to Matt Bryant and his family for their loss of their 3 month old son Matthew Tryson Bryant (I'm not sure how he even played today with his heavy heart). Inquisitive Mind 1 - 5 for the week.

Atlanta @ Carolina - This was a pretty dominate performance by the Panthers. They really put a clamp on the Falcons running game and then did the same to Matt Ryan. The Panthers didn't get a lot of production out of either of their running backs, but they totaled 109 yards on 30 carries, enough to eat the clock and go home with the win. Steve Smith scored his first TD of the year, while referee Ed Hoculli may have found himself in the midst of another bad call controversy. Peppers had a clean hit on Ryan. Inquisitive Mind 2 - 5 for the week.

Houston @ Jacksonville - When your kicker is probably your MVP 4 weeks into the season, it tells you how much your team is struggling. The Jaguars continue to get these wins when they should be losses. Matt Schaub played lights out for the Texans with his 29 of 40 for 307 yards and 3 TDs, but when it counted, David Garrard led his team down the field and put Josh Scobee in the position to win yet another game for the Jaguars. Inquisitive Mind 3 - 5 for the week.

San Diego @ Oakland - As I watched this game I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought maybe whatever the Chiefs were drinking, that the Raiders got some too. The Raiders jumped out to an early 15 - 0 lead at halftime led by a defense that came to play and pretty good play by Jamarcus Russell (who quietly out played Phillip Rivers). In the 4th quarter the Chargers scored 25 points. 25 points in the 4th when they looked inadequate the entire game. This definitely has to hurt the Raiders more than any other loss this year. This was probably the last game that Lane Kiffin coaches as the Raiders head coach. He actually had Janikowski try a 76 yard field goal. SEVENTY SIX YARD FIELD GOAL. You don't even try that on Madden. Inquisitive Mind 4 - 5 for the week.

Buffalo @ St. Louis - This should have been a relatively easy blow out, but the Rams made this a game early in the first half. They led going into halftime, 14 to 6. Scott Linehan was excited about his chance of keeping his job and then after that it went awry. The Bills started to dominate on D (interception by Jabari Greer for a TD) and on offense (TDs by Fred Jackson, and Lee Evans). Scott Linehan may be without job soon. Inquisitive Mind 5 - 5 for the week.
Washington @ Dallas - All I can say is the Redskins D held Marion Barber to 26 yards and no TDs. That in itself should tell you the outcome of the game. The Redskins really shut down the Dallas O and kept both Barber and TO limited. Jason Campbell looked great. Clinton Portis provided the ground game (121 yards on 21 carries), but again, Jason Campbell played like the seasoned veteran QB instead of Romo. He moved the Redskins around the field and often found Santana Moss (8 catches for 145 yards). The Redskins went into Dallas and won there, something that many felt was impossible this year. Maybe the Redskins are the toast of the NFC East? Inquisitive Mind 5 - 6 for the week.
Philadelphia @ Chicago - This was supposed to be a homecoming for Donovan McNabb. Let's just say it was a little bittersweet. Although Mama McNabb rolled out the food for her son and his teammates, the game went south late in the 4th. The Eagles should have won this game, but the Bears found a way not to lose this one. The highlights are really all about the Bears. The D held the Eagles out of the end zone late in the 4th on a 4th an 1, Matt Forte ran well (how did this guy slip in the draft?), and Kyle Orton stretched the field enough to keep the Eagles D honest. Inquisitive Mind 5 - 7 for the week.

Well it was a rough week and I'm not feeling any better about Monday's game and my pick of the Ravens. We all can have a bad week though, right? We'll see what happens.

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