Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fantasy Football Week 3 Wrap Up

0 - 3!!!!! I feel like the Detroit Lions. If Matt Millen was working for me, I'd fire him too. It's been a rough week. It wasn't even close. I had two people on my team that actually scored. Other than that, my highest producer got me 7 points and that was my kicker!!!!!! You won't win many games when your kicker is your high scorer. What is a man to do when he's getting royally screwed in Fantasy Football?

RDU Saints vs. Cold Ones

Aaron Rodgers (QB - GB) ----- J.T. O'Sullivan (QB - SF)
Randy Moss (WR - NE) -----Terrell Owens (WR - Dal)
Chris Chambers (WR - SD) ----- Roy Williams (WR - Det)
Patrick Crayton (WR - Dal) ----- Lee Evans (WR - Buf)
Frank Gore (RB - SF) ----- Marshawn Lynch (RB - Buf)
Reggie Bush (RB - NO) ----- Thomas Jones (RB - NYJ)
Kellen Winslow (TE - Cle) ----- LJ Smith (TE - Phi)
Rob Bironas (K - Ten) ----- Jeff Reed (K - Pit)
Tennessee (DEF) ----- Indianapolis (DEF)

J.T. O'Sullivan it was nice to have you and you played a great game. Marshawn Lynch, you have held it down the entire season. The rest of this crew sucks. I mean really sucks. TO and Roy Williams were outscored by an equally sorry Lee Evans. L.J. Smith didn't even get a catch and he's probably hurt. Aarrrrgh!!! I need some therapy. We got lambasted 104.20 to 63.56. At least there's next week (that better not be the same thing I post here next week). A wrap up of the rest of the games:

Charlotte PrimeTime! vs The Quite Franklies
This was a relatively close game with Larry Fitzgerald (16.90 points) and LT (20.70 points) leading the way for the Charlotte PrimeTime! team. The Quite Franklies had a tremendous effort from Marion Barber (19.70 points) and Jay Cutler (17.26 points) but couldn't quite get this win. The Charlotte PrimeTime! won 97.26 to 79.96.

They Might Be Giants vs The Potomac PimpSlappers
In another blowout, the Potomac PimpSlappers were led by Brett Favre (19.34 points), Maurice Jones-Drew(22.60 points), and the crushing Minnesota defense (19 points). They Might Be Giants were led Atlanta's defense (15 points) but they were sabotaged by 'Senor Pinata', Ben Roethlisberger who got -.16 points for the week. The Potomac PimpSlappers won 95.34 to 65.34.

Silver & Black Rules vs Air Raiders
Brandon Marshall led the Air Raiders with 21.50 points and easily out paced the Silver & Black Rules team who was led by Tony Romo (12.30 points). This was a close game as both teams got very little production from the rest of their teams. The Air Raiders won 67.80 to 51.70.

RobbBobbyBilly vs Big Game Hunter
Big Game Hunter has to be a lucky man. Michael Turner (28.40 points) leads them again to victory, with help from Steven Jackson (12.80 points). Drew Brees and Joseph Addai helped RobbBobbyBilly to keep it close, but in the end the ground game from the Big Game Hunter prevailed 95.84 to 84.24.

Techno Raiders vs Tha Bruthaz
In another low scoring affair, the Techno Raiders won this game with the performance from Clinton Portis (14.70 points) and the Jacksonville defense (11 points). Tha Bruthaz were led by Peyton Manning with a whopping 9.84 points. You won't win too many games like that. The Techno Raiders won 62.24 to 45.34.

I'm at a loss for words. Yes, there's next week, but we gotta get a win.

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