Friday, September 26, 2008

NBA Round Up 9-26-08

Denver Nuggets - Finally!!! George Karl is feeling the pressure to win and get out of the first round of the playoffs. Although, Karl insists that the pressure is his own and not something the organization is talking about. Why not, is my question. The organization should be on his a$$ a little because they haven't been able to win. Yes, he has the talent, but for some reason by the end of the season, these guys don't listen to him.

Dallas Mavericks - Interesting. Dirk Nowitzki is looking to enjoy being a free agent at the end of the 2009-10 season. He would like to win a championship in Dallas within the next 3 years, but after that it would be up in the air as to where he plays. I like Dirk, but you aren't going to win any NBA Championships when your star player is 7ft tall, loves to shoot jumpers, and can't play defense*. Just not going to happen.

Houston Rockets - The Rockets match the offer sheet for Carl Landry (3 years for $9M) from the Charlotte Bobcats. With that deal done the Rockets are now trying to cut salary in other ways to bring in the ageless wonder, Dikembe Mutumbo.

Boston Celtics - Can they do it? The Celtics think that they can win the championship again this year. Although they lost an important piece of the team, James Posey, they feel that they can make this thing work again. How you might ask? Well, KG feels that they still have that hunger and they have had a positive off season with all of their team working out almost 3 weeks already. We know KG has that hunger, but will the rest of the guys? It'll be interesting to see.

Toronto Raptors - Jose Calderon has been dealing with a minor groin injury but things are looking good. He has been in town working with team doctors to get ready for training camp. Calderon will be the starting PG for the Raptors this year and a lot will be expected of him. get well.

Orlando Magic - Free JJ Redick!! Otis Smith was asked yet again was he ready to trade Redick. His response was that he likes him and he thinks he can help the Magic. When are we all going to come clean. I am a Dukie homer and I think this kid can play. Give him a chance or trade him. The Suns would have loved to get this guy. There might be a smidgen of hope for Redick to be shipped as Smith also said that 'I think in the next 20-30 days, we'll see how things shake out.' Maybe there is hope for Redick to actually play in the NBA.

*I've often said that when you're 7ft tall and the first thing that comes out of a coaches mouth is that 'you can pass the ball well' or 'you can run the floor well', you can't play for me. I don't want a 7ft guy who roams the perimeter and doesn't have the heart to play in the paint.

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