Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NBA Round Up 9-30-08

Cleveland Cavaliers - Why is everyone talking about LBJ leaving Cleveland? Or at least something like that. LeBron addresses this question with the 'I love playing for Cleveland', 'I grew up 30 miles away', 'My family is here', blah blah blah. Why don't people just leave this issue alone? If some other teams offers LBJ mucho dinero to leave Cleveland and the team has a better chance of winning, why not take the money and the opportunity? No matter if he loves Cleveland or NYC, if someone in Europe offers him $50M (net) a year, odds are that LBJ would be doing a bid in Europe.

Dallas Mavericks - Mark Cuban, while professing his love and adoration for Avery Johnson discussed his reason behind firing Johnson. Supposedly, a lot of players were coming to him letting him know that they would want to be traded instead of playing for Johnson another year. Enough of them voiced the same concern to Cuban and so Cuban took the easy exit off the expressway, he fired Johnson. Talk about the inmates running the asylum. Cuban should have told them to suck it up and play ball.

Milwaukee Bucks - For Sale - short, defense lacking, friend of LeBron, point guard, with an over the top persona, and the matching suits to go with it, is yours for the highest bid. Well, maybe two happy meals with the special edition Batman toys and we can get a deal done. Damon Jones and the Bucks have mutually agreed that Jones shouldn't report to camp. He can be yours if the price is right.

Miami Heat - Kevin McHale is now assisting with running 3 teams (the Wolves, the Celtics, and now presumably the Heat). McHale informed everyone that Shaun Livingston has decided not to sign with the Timberwolves, but will accept an offer from the Miami Heat. This is all news to the Heat who haven't said anything concerning Livingston. I mean they are dealing with Randy Pfund leaving and Pat Riley adding yet another responsibility to his already full plate.

Houston Rockets - This is supposed to be a good time in Houston. They have their team back, they have a Tru Warrier, and everyone was supposedly healthy after many off season surgeries. Well, Battier is out a month with a hurt foot, and now Tracy McGrady is saying that his knee is about 80%, but that his shoulder will need another surgery after the season because he has arthritis in the shoulder. Each year Houston has health issues, maybe someone put a root on the city of Houston, or at least their basketball team.

Detroit Pistons - Have we seen the last of Lindsey Hunter? The Pistons signed Alex Acker to their roster on a partially guaranteed contract, which could mean that Hunter won't be back for his 16th season in the NBA. We'll keep a watch on this one, because there are a lot of teams that could use a defensive point guard who can shoot when it comes playoff time.

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