Thursday, September 11, 2008

NFL Matchup Week 2

Well we know how my first week of prognostication went, but as they say, it's not how many time you get knocked down, it's how many times you pay someone to knock that other dude out (or something like that). So I'm back for more, here's a look at Week 2.

Tennessee @ Cincinnati - Wow, this is a bounce back week for the Bengals or they can go ahead and close Paul Brown Stadium. The Titans will be without VY and they will start with the statue at QB, Kerry Collins. This may open things up from a passing attack for the Titans, but from a defensive standpoint, the Bengals will know exactly where Collins will be, about 7 yards deep in the pocket (the entire game). I expect the Bengals to pounce on this opportunity to get to .500. Winner - Bengals.

Green Bay @ Detroit - This doesn't sound like a good game for the Lions to show up for. Rodgers looked good last week and the Green Bay D will beat up the Lions receivers all day long. Brian Grant is banged up with a sore hamstring, but I think that I could run for 100 yards against Detroit's defense. Winner - Packers.

Oakland @ Kansas City - Talk about the best of the worst. Neither of these teams did anything last weekend (unless you count the Brady injury, and no it wasn't a dirty hit). Oakland played like a bad Pop Warner team, which is hard for me to fathom because they have talent. Kansas City just doesn't have an O-line and they do have a hurt QB. Plus the Raiders can't play that bad twice, can they? Winner - Push (Raiders).

New York Giants @ St. Louis - The Giants looked good against the Redskins in week 1. I said that Justin Tuck will be a handful for everyone this year. Their D will continue to play well. It's up to Eli Manning to make this offense consistent. St. Louis, I think it's going to be a bad day at the park. Winner - Giants.
Indianapolis @ Minnesota - The Colts lost to the Bears and gave up a lot of yards on the ground to a rookie. The Colts couldn't get anything working on offense because the Bears just blitzed the entire game. The Vikings can't stop anyone through the air. So, if you're in a battle and you had to choose to win in the air or on the ground, which do you pick? Winner - Colts.

New Orleans @ Washington - Well, game 2 into the Jim Zorn era in Washington and it will get better. They played well enough to keep it close with the Giants. New Orleans toughed it out against the Bucs. Washington will be able to stop the Saints on the ground and the Saints won't be able to stop the Redskins. Winner - Redskins.

Chicago @ Carolina - Things looked great for the Bears in the season opener. They got good QB play and 100+ yards on the ground for Forte. This is where the isht hits the fan. The Panthers have a much better defensive front against the run than the Colts. We'll have to see how good that Bears defense really is. The Panthers shocked the Chargers last week, so can they do again? Winner - Panthers.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville - Talk about a sad situation. Jacksonville has gone through 4 O-linemen already and we're just at Week 2. An improved Buffalo D will cause problems for the Jaguars. The Bills have a balanced offense and look for Marshawn Lynch to run hard against a normally stingy Jaguars defense. Winner - Bills.

San Francisco @ Seattle - This one usually means lots of points on the board, but I don't see Seattle being able to keep up. Hasselbeck has a hurt back and Julius Jones is really making people want Shaun Alexander back in Seattle. The 49ers looked a lot better with J.T. O'Sullivan and will continue to flourish. Winner - 49ers.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - This will be interesting. Matt Ryan will get his chance for a 2-0 start. This defense will be better than the one that Michael Turner ran through last weekend, so I imagine a rougher game for Ryan this week. The Bucs will start Brian Griese instead of the injured Garcia. Not sure if this is an upgrade or a lateral move. The heart says Falcons, the head says Bucs. Winner - Bucs.

Baltimore @ Houston - This game may be moved due to Hurricane Ike, but if it's played, I expect the weather to be rainy, muddy, and just nasty. Houston lost Ahman Green (remind me not to draft a guy in Fantasy Football who restructures his contract to get paid based on the number of games he plays in during the year). Baltimore will still bring their D and a decent running game to help Flacco. Winner - Ravens.

New England @ New York Jets - Before the season started, this looked like a great game. Now with Brady injured, it doesn't have the shine. This will be a great opportunity for the Jets to establish themselves as the front runners in the AFC East. Matt Cassell isn't the answer. I'm sorry, the dude hasn't won a QB job since high school. The Pats won't be able to keep putting points on the board like they have in the past. Can the Jets sneak this one out? Winner - Jets.

Miami @ Arizona - Should this even be a game? If Arizona doesn't win this game, I'm not sure what they should do. They have a better D, a better O, and they are playing at home. Winner - Cardinals.

San Diego @ Denver - This is going to be interesting. The Chargers are beat up a little physically and mentally after their loss to the Panthers. Denver looked great last week in destroying the Raiders. Cutler looked good and he and Eddie Royal have to be attached at the hip or something. I hate picking against the Chargers, but I have to on this one. Winner - Broncos.

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland - Maybe the Browns can invite LeBron to the game? The Steelers looked great last week. Big Ben is a little banged up in his shoulder, but he'll start and he'll play well. The Browns are still reading their clippings from last year. They better show up and play or it's going to be a long season. Winner - Steelers.

Philadelphia @ Dallas - This is the game of the week. Two teams that looked great week 1 and they are both in the same conference. SI picked the Eagles as the Superbowl loser this year. McNabb still doesn't have a great #1 receiver, but it seems as though the team is pulling it off. Dallas, has all of the stars on both sides of the ball. Heart says Eagles, head says Cowboys. Winner - Eagles.

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