Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Despite Boos, Steelers Win

What a game last night between the Eagles and the Steelers? Who would have thought that one call would change the whole momentum of the game? The Ravens started the games last night by punishing EVERYONE with a Steelers jersey on. I'm sure there will be lawsuits coming shortly (just jokes). Rashard 'I'm going to have a big game' Mendenhall met Ray Lewis in the hole and came out with a cracked shoulder blade (out for the season), Carey Davis sprained his ankle and was out for the rest of the game, and Kendall Simmons tore his right Achilles (out for the season). The Ravens O was led by rookie Joe Flacco and they put up 13 points going into halftime. This was really my first chance to watch Flacco this closely but I liked what I saw. He has a good arm, some mobility, and a good head on his shoulders. This game all came down to one 15 yard penalty against the Ravens by Jarrett Johnson for some after the play pushing. After this call the Steelers were able to get in the end zone and make the score 13-10. On the Ravens' next possession, Flacco was sacked and fumbled and the Steelers ran it in for a TD to make it 17-13. After that Flacco was still able to drive his team down the field in the final minutes to tie the score at 20.

I don't know about you guys, but I watched the best linebacker in the game last night. We all know about Ray Lewis' intensity and ability to motivate his teammates, but a 33 year old LB who hits like that shouldn't still be in the league. Yes, he's better than Urlacher, he's better (by a smidgen) than Derrick Brooks, and last night he just proved how good he was. Lewis led his team with 13 tackles last night, 7 solo.

We all know that the Steelers ended up winning this one in overtime by a field goal by Jeff Reed. But for some reason, I just think the better team walked away with a loss last night. I know Ray would agree with me that the only W's that count are the ones on your record. It's a short week for both teams, so they better get ready. Thanks for a great game.

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