Friday, September 26, 2008

I Apologize

Cedric Benson this goes out to you. I can admit, I'm man enough, that I dumped you out with all of the trash when you first got in trouble during the infamous boating incident. I said that anytime a grown man starts yelling for his mother to 'make the cops stop', there had to be something wrong with that picture. Then when you decided to drive home from a restaurant after having a drink or two (or three), I was very eager to label you as a fool who should have known better. With the news that the grand jury decided not to indict you on charges for either incident, I am where I am now, eating crow. So, to Mr. Cedric Benson, welcome back to the world of being a regular joe, with no cases pending, and hopefully they removed that breathalyzer that you had to have installed in your car. You are now a free man with a clean slate. I would say that the Bears are probably kicking themselves today for releasing you, not that you were producing, but that you'd be a nice player to trade. I am assuming that the job market may open up a little more for you now and you'll be gainfully employed soon. Now if you could only solve the real issue behind the Bears releasing you: How can you pay a #1 running back who is 250lbs (closer to 260lbs) who has no heart?

Good luck with the next team that you play for.

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